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   Chapter 1767 At Odds (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6640

Updated: 2019-05-18 04:29

"Mark, pull the car over." Daisy sighed defeatedly. She finally caved in and admitted that she lost to the man she loved the most.

"Okay, Senior Colonel." Mark slowed down and pulled the car over to the side of the road. He was very slow and cautious because he didn't want to be bumped by the speedy car just right behind them.

The moment their car completely stopped, Daisy jumped off the car and leaned against the door. She looked at the crazy man with cold eyes as she wondered about what he was up to.

On the other hand, a playful smile cracked Edward's lips as he turned his car's steering wheel. His tires made a screeching sound against the asphalt before his car stopped precisely behind hers. He quickly got off his car too.

"Huh! Senior Colonel Ouyang, just keep running. Why you suddenly stopped? Edward's eyes were burning in anger as he walked towards her. He was trying his best to look calm even though he was actually furious to the hilt.

"If a crazy man is chasing after you in hot pursuit, will you still keep running?" Daisy was also enraged. She wondered if Edward even cared about how dangerous the situation was just now.

"I have no choice. My wife ran away and I can't sit by and just watch her leave," said Edward as he stood before her. Although he was angry, he still cast worried glances at her from head to toes to check if she was hurt during the military drill.

"Mark, you may go back first." Daisy didn't want to argue with Edward while Mark was there, so she asked his bodyguard to leave.

"Okay, Senior Colonel." Much as Mark was worried about the two, military orders could not be violated. Thus, he followed Daisy's order again without any resistance at all.

Meanwhile, Edward folded his arms across his chest as he emotionlessly watched the two. He waved at Luke after Mark left to order him to leave too. He would like to see how Daisy would throw a tantrum at him.

Luke was a little hesitant to leave but then he followed

d sat down on the passenger seat. It was only then that she noticed that something was wrong. She saw Edward flexibly bent down when he followed her inside the car. She couldn't believe that she was tricked! However, Edward acted fast upon seeing how her expression changed and quickly locked all the doors with a single click. There was nowhere for her to escape now.

"Edward, you cunning man!" accused Daisy angrily. She regretted being careless and falling into his trap.

"Yes, I am cunning. Actually, I am also shameless." Edward didn't mind her mad rebuttal. He had always been a maverick who did things his own way. He really didn't care about manners or morals.

What he said made Daisy pissed off again. It took all her willpower to suppress her urge to shoot him and stop his proud smile.

"You don't feel ashamed at all." In all honesty, Daisy couldn't do anything to this brazen man anymore. Thus, she could only glare at him as she imagined slicing him with her stare.

"There is nothing to be ashamed of when I'm with my wife. Why? Do you hate me?" Edward tried to lighten the atmosphere. He suddenly felt so pathetic. He had waited for her outside the army base for two hours and was not even welcomed properly after. Worse, he even had to put down his dignity and pride in order to make her happy.

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