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   Chapter 1766 At Odds (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6458

Updated: 2019-05-18 01:42

"Did she tell you that I'm everything to her?" Kevin's eyes lit up upon hearing Daisy. Her words just rekindled his hope.

"Did she have to say it? Everyone could see that she cares so much about you," Daisy snapped and stared at him. Why did men have the tendency to think too much? It was said that women had the tendency to have cranky thoughts. However, most of the men Daisy knew turned the tide. They were always the ones with strange thoughts.

"Fine, Major General Gu. Be careful with the wound and keep it from getting wet. Moreover, don't eat spicy foods." The military surgeon also prepared some medicines and gauze bandages for him.

"Okay. I know, thank you!" Kevin relaxed his elbow. His elbow was wrapped with the bandage too tight and he could barely move. He still felt a little pain whenever he tried to move his arm though.

"Let's go! I'll drive you home," said Daisy. She was not in the mood the whole day. If it wasn't for that, she wouldn't have zoned out and scratched him by mistake.

"No need. Lee is here. He can send me home. It's late. You'd better go home now. Edward would be worried." Kevin had noticed the changes in Daisy in the past few days. She seemed to be unusual though she looked the same. He was a very keen observer, thus, nothing could escape his eyes. He clearly sensed that she had something on mind. However, he didn't want to bug Daisy by asking about it.

"Don't mention him to me." Just the mention of Edward's name annoyed Daisy. It was all because of him that she didn't perform well in the military drill. Worse, she almost made a terrible mistake by hurting Kevin.

"What happened? Did he make you angry?" Kevin raised his eyebrows. No wonder that she became really irritable these few days. She looked so grumpy the whole time that all the other soldiers had been avoiding her.

"Alas! It's a long story. I don't want to talk about it now. Since you don't need me

e they doing? One is escaping and the other is chasing. Are they playing the officer-catch-the-thief game? But isn't Daisy the officer? They must have exchanged the roles by mistake, ' thought Luke.

"Senior Colonel, Mr. Mu is catching up. What should we do?" Mark asked worriedly. It was lucky that they were driving on the army base road and there were a few cars on the way. However, it would be too dangerous to keep on with the chase once they reached the main road leading to the downtown.

"What? Is he crazy?" Daisy knitted her brows. She had qualms about ordering Mark to drive faster because she knew that Edward would also accelerate to catch up. Things might get out of control if they would continue like this.

Mark's mouth twitched. He actually didn't know what to say. It was a tough question and he didn't think that he would make a good bet by answering yes or no. Therefore, he chose the best for the situation and shut his mouth up. Staying silent was the best solution to avoid drawing fire against himself.

A sinister smile appeared on Edward's face as he focused on the car ahead of him. He pressed the pedal to its limit and smiled even more. His eyes were deep and unfathomable. His stern look could intimidate anyone who wanted to screw around with him.

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