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   Chapter 1765 At Odds (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6531

Updated: 2019-05-18 01:19

Eleanor bit her lips, not knowing how to defend herself. She knew that she was in the wrong in this matter.

"Rain, don't be angry. I am also partly to blame. Miss Xiao kindly invited me to ride her car at first. I must have said something wrong that offended her, thus, we got here." Annie pulled Rain's sleeve to prevent him from making further actions. She looked embarrassed with her face completely turning red. However, her natural charisma didn't waver and she remained as beautiful as always.

"Really?" Rain asked, unconvinced. He knew Annie like the back of his hand. She was a mild person and would not offend others simply because of a word or two.

"Huh! Don't you believe me?" Annie frowned as she felt her scalp tingle a bit. She just realized how much Eleanor hated her. She could just imagine how much force Eleanor exerted when she pulled her hair. Nevertheless, Annie didn't want Rain to know that she was hurt. Thus, she just pretended that nothing happened.

Eleanor shot Annie a confused stare. She had thought that Annie would take the chance to slander before Rain. It surprised her that Annie didn't make a big deal of the whole chaos. It weirded her out that the woman even blamed herself for what she did.

"I believe you, okay? It's just that I don't trust the other person here," Rain said as he cast a sharp glance at Eleanor. She should feel lucky that she was a woman, otherwise, he would definitely give her black eyes upon seeing her bullying his wife like that.

"Miss Xiao, you'd better leave now," Annie reminded the actress. She feared that Rain might lose his temper and beat her in public. That would be really barbaric.

"Okay." Eleanor suddenly became submissive. She hurriedly got into her car without saying a word and drove away in full speed. She wouldn't forget how Rain looked while staring at her moments ago. He looked like he was about to grab her and slam her on her car's hood.

"She was

never get tired of waiting for Daisy since he loved her so much.

Time ticked by fast. It was already a quarter past seven in the evening but he still hadn't seen Daisy's car come out. Did he get here on the wrong date? Was it even possible for him to read his calendar wrong? Edward wondered.

Meanwhile, Daisy was looking at Kevin apologetically. She was very sorry for his injury. She didn't really mean to hurt him due to her carelessness. Although the wound wasn't that bad, Kevin would still need to endure the pain of it for the next few days.

"This will make Leena really sad." Daisy couldn't help but tease him after the military surgeon bandaged up his wound.

"Don't worry. She is very busy with Richard right now. She won't notice this wound at all. Moreover, this is nothing serious," replied Kevin in a jealous tone. Daisy could sense that Leena's attention had shifted from Kevin to the child and that made Kevin somewhat unhappy.

"How could it be possible? You're everything to Leena. How could she not care about you and miss such an important thing?" Daisy asked curiously. It was spring now and they were all just wearing shirts and trousers. Although Kevin could cover the wound with his clothes, it was still possible that Leena would sense the subtle changes in him.

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