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   Chapter 1764 You Asked For It (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8971

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"Oh! Do you? That must be true. How could our beautiful little princess not have any followers?" Rain waved at Huey to come to him, as the popular kid emerged surrounded by girls. Actually, Rain was tall enough to easily be spotted among the crowd and there was no need for him to wave, but he was afraid his son would not see him.

"Daddy." Huey smiled seeing his father. He didn't appear as excited as his sister was. Huey had resumed his old habitual behavior of being cold and aloof, as always.

"Okay. Let's go!" Rain held his hand and waved at the other kids who had begun noticing his celebrity presence. It was a natural move, but it was enough to show off Rain's attractiveness and impress them. The kids' mothers began to complain why such a charming man was not their partner.

"Daddy, could we visit Aunt Leena's home tomorrow? It's Saturday tomorrow." Huey asked him carefully after they got into the car.

"Why do you want to visit her home?" Rain asked, amused, buckling his kids into their child seats.

"Because Richard is there!" Huey stole a glance at his father and hoped Rain wouldn't see through his scheme.

"Oh? So Richard is the reason you want to go to Leena's, not her delicious home-made snacks, right?" Rain slid behind the wheel with a sly smile, turned to check his kids' seats one last time, and then he turned the key in the ignition.

"Well, that's part of the reason," Huey smiled in embarrassment. Rain certainly read his mind.

"Huey is a foodie, right?" Joyce grinned, seeing her brother was awkward.

"You are a foodie!" Huey gave his sister a stern look. Joyce was definitely a foodie, as all the snacks from Huey's followers died in Joyce's mouth.

At this moment, Rain had no other choice but to remain silent. He didn't want to show favoritism to either, so he waited for them to sort it out themselves.

While the three of them were on their way home, Annie phoned Rain unexpectedly, saying that she got a flat tire for no reason. She asked Rain to come pick her up.

Annie had endured a long day. First, her water was drugged with something, and then Eleanor picked at her all day. But none of that really fazed her. However Annie really blew her top when she ended up with a flat tire, just as she was about to go home. She had no other choice but to phone Rain for help. While waiting for her life saver, Eleanor approached her again, evidently not done with her ruthless campaign against Annie.

"Annie, have you changed your tire? How about I give you a ride?" Eleanor smirked at Annie, taking a dark pleasure at her discomfort.

"No, thanks!" The weasel goes to pay his respects to the hen, not with the best of

nd she was completely at a loss for action in the moment. Eleanor attacked her viciously with nails, pushing and shoving her up against the car. Fortunately, Rain arrived just in time and saw what was happening. He rushed from his car immediately and ran to the two of them.

"Stop it! What are you doing?" Rain roared above Eleanor's screaming, his face livid. He was shocked by the unexpected scene that greeted him. Rain quickly dragged Eleanor away from Annie.

"Mr. Xia, I..." Eleanor stammered, still holding her hand to cover her now swollen face, evidence of Annie's hard slap.

"Annie, are you okay?" Rain ignored Eleanor, his only care was for Annie, and if she was okay. Gently he helped Annie to fix her hair and checked if she was hurt.

"I am okay," Annie answered, biting her lip. She was embarrassed that Rain found her fighting with someone, she had been raised better than this. Annie was flushed and afraid to look into his concerned eyes.

"Tell me what's going on." Rain glared fiercely at Eleanor as he spoke. He couldn't believe that this crazy woman was messing with his wife again. It seemed that he wasn't up to date with what happened inside FX lately. Otherwise he would never have allowed his wife to work with Eleanor again.

"I... She attacked me first!" Eleanor's voice trembled, on the verge of tears. Rain was as cold as Mr. Mu, they both cared nothing for women that they were not involved with.

"But I'm guessing that you messed with her first." Rain knew Annie as someone who didn't like rocking the boat in any way. She always ignored other people's unkindness as much as she could and never fought back, unless they went too far. That she struck Eleanor proved one thing: that the crazy woman had gone too far, and was way out of line.

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