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   Chapter 1763 You Asked For It (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8104

Updated: 2019-05-18 00:17

If Rain had been told what a mammoth task awaited him at the FX International Group, he wouldn't have volunteered to go to the company for the document. But there was no way anyone could predict the future. Rain had no other choice but to stay and deal with the problem, while the guy who called him was nowhere to be seen.

"Dear little Aaron, I heard that Anna just had a baby. That's good news! Congratulations!" Rain teased Aaron for fun and to while away the time. Finding someone to make fun of helped relieve the boredom of having to deal with loads of files.

"Thanks. I am still waiting for your gift. I hope it's a fancy one." Aaron was too excited at having become a father, that he didn't notice Rain was teasing him by calling him 'dear little Aaron'.

"Humph! You only care about a gift!" Rain pouted. He wondered when Aaron became obsessed with money and gifts.

"I have no other choice! I have a family to raise," Aaron teased, shrugging. It was easy to tell he was really happy now.

"Stop showing off! I also have a wife and kids to raise, you know." Besides, Rain had two kids.

"I am nothing like you. Your kids have already been raised somewhat when you met them. But my girl is still a baby, and it will cost me a fortune to raise her." Aaron just blurted it out to argue with Rain, not intending to remind him of the fact that he had been absent during much of his children's lives. He didn't notice there was something wrong with what he had just said, until he noticed Rain's face fell.

"Well, I didn't mean to hurt you. It just came out." 'I am screwed, it really hurt him, ' Aaron thought to himself.

"It's okay. I am going to work on these files." Rain walked away in frustration. It was the biggest regret in his life that he missed most of his kids' childhood. And it hurt every time someone reminded him of how bad a father he was.

As Rain began to deal with the files, his phone rang and he left in a rush after answering it.

Rain thought he was done with the Ke family, but deep down, he didn't expect he could totally cut all ties to them. So he left after Lawrence called him.

"Mr. Xia." Lawrence rushed to Rain as he arrived.

"What happened? Why did he black out?" Rain frowned as the whole house was filled with the smell of disinfectant water.

"Well. Cyrus and Vance said something awful to enrage him," Lawrence sighed. Mr. Ke was not a happy man, despite h


"Well, don't you want to be picked up by me?" Rain reached out to take her bag and led her by the hand along the concrete path, instead of picking her up.

"No! I love to be picked up by you, daddy." Because then, she could show off her very attractive father to her classmates.

"Where is your brother? Is he still in class?" Rain looked around for his son, but the little guy was nowhere to be seen.

"He was surrounded by girls. They wanted to offer him some snacks to impress him," Joyce pouted. At the previous kindergarten she was the popular one, followed by all her classmates, but the situation had changed at the new school. Huey, due to his mysterious brooding face, became the most popular kid in school. That was typical of human beings - they always chased the unattainable, what was out of their league.

"Really? Is he that popular?" Rain stared at Joyce in amazement. He couldn't believe his son already had so many followers at this young age.

"Who knows," the little girl pouted some more. Even though she was jealous of his brother's popularity, Joyce was still glad to see her brother was this popular. After all, he shared all the snacks he received with her.

"Is our little princess jealous of him?" Rain picked her up and kissed her on one of her cheeks. Joyce was so adorable when she became angry at being teased.

"No, I am not! I have many boys chasing after me." Even though she kept explaining she was not jealous, Joyce defended herself with a cutting acidity in her voice. Rain couldn't help chuckling as his little princess didn't realize how cute she was.

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