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   Chapter 1762 Looking For An Ally (Part Two)

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"Fine! You win!" Edward said. He then picked his phone up as he decided to call someone else to have dinner with them together. He really didn't want to face Brian alone. He needed people to be around them just to make sure that he wouldn't be able to do anything bad to him later. He needed some referee.

Seeing Edward make phone calls, Brian shrugged and didn't stop him. The more the merrier after all. Moreover, it wasn't him who would pay for the meal.

"Hi, Edward! Why are you calling?" Rain's voice came from the other end of the line. He had been really busy recently. He was worried about Edward's calls as the latter would always assign tasks to him.

"Do you want to have dinner with me? I refuse to accept no as an answer." Edward was always bossy before Rain, and Rain was already used to it.

"Why did you even ask for my opinion if you're not accepting 'no'?" Rain rolled his eyes and dropped his pen on the table. He still had to eat anyway regardless of how busy he was.

"Hurry up! I'll see you in Westin." After saying that, Edward hung the phone up. He had been planning to talk to Rain for the past few days. Having him eat dinner with him was like killing two birds with one stone.

On the other hand, Rain sighed defeatedly upon hearing the call ended. 'He's my boss. What else can I do?' he thought helplessly before grabbing his coat and car keys.

"Why are you still sitting here? Come with me." Edward grabbed his car keys and walked out of his office.

"I'm so glad to see your long face. Haha!" provoked Brian. He was intentionally making Edward angry as he knew that Edward wouldn't dare to take revenge. He had Daisy in his side, thus, he was not afraid of Edward at all.

"It sounds like you are simply not in your right mind." Edward tried his best to suppress his anger. He kept telling himself, 'Calm down, Edward. You must not lose your temper. Otherwise, Daisy will get angrier.' He could still remember how Daisy looked while telling him of what she would do in case someone bullied her brother.

"How can you say those hurtful words to me? I'll tell Daisy about it." Brian pretended to be hurt by Edward's words.

"Don't try to anger me, man. I won't buy it." As a reaction, Edward cast a burning glance at Brian before he opened his car door.

"Oh, no. That's not funny." A cunning smile spread across Brian's face as he opened the door for the passenger seat.

"Just shut your mouth," said Edward as he got into the driver's seat and ignored his brother-in-law.

That made Brian chuckle as he joined

any years, thus, he knew Edward well enough.

"That's impossible! Daisy would by no means say yes." Brian turned him down without any hesitation.

"You do know her well." Frustratedly, Edward looked at Brian in dismay as his plan failed.

"Of course! She's my sister!" Brian cast a scornful glance at Edward. It was not even long ago that Daisy called him to say that she had been really busy recently. He was pretty sure that Daisy would not consider having another baby in this period.

"I know she's your sister. No one is denying that!" Edward snapped back. 'She's your sister. So what? She's my wife!' he thought.

"Well, Rain, you know what. Someone is so jealous here that he would cut in whenever I have a talk with Daisy." Brian rolled his eyes at Edward. He was getting curious about how Edward would look once his temper burst.

Rain was clever though and chose to remain quiet. He just pretended that he was not here. He got no plans of involving himself with whatever fight these two got.

"Rain, I heard the new dishes here are pretty good. Why not give them a try?" Edward turned to ask Rain as if he didn't hear what Brian had said.

"Oh, okay." Secretly, Rain was crying. 'Why do you have to drag me in. I'm really not interested in your fight. God, please save me.'

Meanwhile, Brian curled his lips and said no more.

Edward didn't enjoy this meal at all. His plan to make Brian his ally failed and he was mad at Brian because of his attitude.

On the contrary, Rain and Brian had a good meal. As the saying goes, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." They ate and talked to each other happily. It was such a good bonding moment for two people who shared the same nemesis.

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