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   Chapter 1761 Looking For An Ally (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8079

Updated: 2019-05-17 05:47

"You're so cunning!" Edward exclaimed. It seemed that his plan to look for an ally was not very smooth.

"As the saying goes, like father, like son. You must be very proud to have a son like me," said Justin with a proud smile. He was now standing 150 cm tall. His face had well-defined angles that highlighted his best features, his forehead, cheeks, and jawline.

"You may leave now." Edward rolled his eyes at the boy and gave up the attempt to make Justin his ally.

"No, I'm not leaving. You must tell me why you asked me that question," Justin said while looking at Edward. His father had already stirred his curiosity, thus, he decided not to leave without knowing the truth.

"Well, the reason is simple. Your mommy might be pregnant." Edward didn't plan to keep it a secret, so he told Justin honestly.

"Really? Wow, I'll have a sister or a brother." Thrilled about the news, Justin couldn't help but jump in excitement.

"Why are you so excited?" Honestly, Edward could have done the same as Justin upon hearing the news earlier. However, Daisy's reaction frustrated him as she seemed very unhappy about it.

"Why? Aren't you happy about it?" asked Justin in confusion.

"Your mommy seemed very angry this morning." Edward sighed with obvious resignation. He was so used to talking with Justin like he was already an adult. Justin was much more clever than kids of his age after all.

"Daddy, did you do something behind mommy's back?" Justin's jaw dropped. He knew that his father would get in trouble if his mother got angry with him.

"I didn't! I told her before that I want to have another baby with her." Edward felt that he was wronged. He had been telling her about this for several months now but she hadn't given much thought to it. Now she believed that he had done something without informing her.

"But she didn't say yes back then, did she? Daddy, you're screwed!" Justin chuckled at Edward's uneasiness. He could just guess how Daisy would deal with his father this time.

"Come on. Help me figure out a way to make her happy." The reason why Edward chose to tell everything to his son was that he wanted Justin to help him find a way to cool Daisy's head down. However, he really didn't expect his son's sarcastic remark just about everything.

"Well, to be honest, I am willing to help. It is just that I can't. Have you tried praying to God? Maybe you should try that

a sarcastic chuckle and looked at Edward in the eyes. "By the way, when will Daisy come back?" He had been coming back and forth abroad recently. His father had been suffering from poor health and he had to help him manage Ouyang Foreign Trade.

"How am I supposed to know that?" retorted Edward. Brian's question reminded him that Daisy was still angry at him, thus, he felt annoyed.

"She's your wife, isn't she? If you don't know, then who else would know?" Brian finally understood why Edward was in a bad mood. He might have had a row with Daisy.

"I'm a generous husband. I would not meddle with my wife's personal affairs," Edward snapped back as he couldn't help but be angry at what his brother-in-law said.

"It's not that you wouldn't meddle with her affairs. It's that she wouldn't allow you to do that. Am I right?" Brian gave Edward a scornful smile. He was always mean to Edward and that was why Edward disliked him.

"You may leave now. I still have work to finish," said Edward through gritted teeth.

"Hey! Since I'm already here, why don't you invite me to dinner?" Brian pretended to not see his angry face and looked at him with innocent eyes.

"Do you have no money? Why do I have to buy you dinner?" However, Edward rolled his eyes at Brian. Couldn't Brian understand that his presence alone was enough to kill his appetite?

"Come on! You are my brother-in-law. Do you want me to speak ill of you before Daisy?" Brian cast a challenging look at the man who was now raising his eyebrows at him. They were suddenly engaged into a staring war until Edward finally gave in.

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