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   Chapter 1759 Sweet Scene (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8471

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"Whatever, Edward. You should resolve the problem you've created," Daisy said. It would have been fine if Edward hadn't asked the question. But now that he did, she felt more aggrieved -- this year was going to be the busiest time for her, and there would be a big move coming in.

"Yes! Leave it up to me. Don't worry! I'll take care of our new baby." Edward assured. He was completely immersed in the happiness of Daisy's pregnancy and noticing nothing unusual.

"You'll take care of it? Then why don't you conceive a baby?!" Daisy yelled. She wasn't a commanding Senior Colonel at this moment, but a reckless shrew.

"If I could do that for you, I would do it," Edward said, trying to console her. He badly wanted a little cutie as pretty as his wife.

"Easy for you to say..." Daisy said. She didn't take it to heart because she thought he was just saying it for show. She never expected that Edward would take any real action. She was not prepared for this.

"I know. What if we just sit on it for a while? That way, we would reach some compromise," Edward said. As long as he could get her to say yes, he might do everything she told him to do -- even if she asked him to bark like a dog.

"You, you……" Daisy was choked up with anger and was unable to say anything else. All she could do was stare at him with burning eyes as she ground her teeth.

"All right. Honey, don't be mad. Just think about it! How wonderful it would be if we have a daughter as beautiful as you are," Edward said, wiping the tears that were forming at the corners of Daisy's eyes. He understood how serious the situation was. Making her cry was the last thing he wanted.

"How do you know our baby's a girl? What if it's a boy?" Daisy said, knocking his hand away from her face. 'Who does he think he is? He thinks he can decide the gender of the baby for himself just like that? No, why should I even be affected by him?' Daisy thought.

"No way. It must be a girl..." Edward said. He was dumbfounded as he had never thought until then that that was a real possibility. Either way, he still stuck to his own credence.

"I'm tired of arguing with you. No matter what happens, you must give me an acceptable solution when I get back from work," she sniffed. If she could, she would have beaten up this self-righteous man who was in front of her.

"Hold up! Let's go to see Tom and ask him to check if you really are pregnant," he quickly said. Edward couldn't wait to get a definitive answer.

"Humph! Do you think I have time for

ly wanted. But whenever he questioned himself, the answer was always yes.

"I won't stay even you want me to," Edward said and then left, frivolously and flamboyantly.

"Humph!" Tom said, pouting. He always used self hypnosis to tell himself that nothing happened whenever he faced such an arrogant boss. If he didn't, he might have died with anger.

Compared with Edward's fairly positive mood, Daisy was prone to emotional outbursts. She didn't think it was good timing to have another baby. This year, she would be busy with not only the national parade, but also several large-scale live-fire exercises. She couldn't be absent from any of them. So she was wondering if she should keep this new baby. What should she do if she decided to keep it?

"Daisy, what's the matter with you today? Why do you look anxious? Do you know what a big mistake you've made?" Kevin said, frowning. Although he was reluctant to say this, he had to criticize her for the sake of safety.

"Sorry! Major General, I need a break." Daisy said, pursing her lips, and then rushed out of the training field.

"Mark, what's wrong with your Senior Colonel?" Kevin asked, frowning. 'Did I talk to her too harshly?' he thought.

"I don't know, Major General. She has been like this since this morning," Mark replied. He felt very aggrieved at being named because he knew nothing about this.

"Okay. Follow her to check what's happening!" Kevin ordered, sighing slightly and thoughtfully.

"Yes, Major General," Mark said, saluting before going after Daisy.

Daisy took off her feldmutze and fanned herself with it. Summer was approaching, so the weather of S City was getting very hot and dry.

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