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   Chapter 1757 A Pregnancy Test (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6212

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"Okay. I got it. Don't get drunk again," Tiana warned. She frowned when she knew that Rain's wife would worry greatly about him if he failed to come back home on time. He got drunk two times last week!

"Trust me. I know what I'm doing. If I ever get drunk again, my wife would lock the door and throw away the key!" Rain said, laughing awkwardly. This was partly true. He didn't want to rely solely on the huge power and reach of the FX International Group. He was working really hard these days. He had made strides, but he still needed to be alert.

"Be cafeful, bro! I'm going home now. See you later, 'kay?" said Tiana with her sweet smile as she waved farewell. Then she opened the car door and smoothly climbed inside.

"Okay. Drive safely!" Rain closed the car door for her and stood there until her car pulled away far enough that he couldn't see it anymore. He then turned around and entered the company's main building.

That night, Rain got home drunk again. William, his ever-faithful secretary, sent him home. When Annie saw her husband in a drunken stupor, she couldn't help but worry.

"Rain, why did you get drunk again?" Annie asked, her brows furrowed, hands on her waists. She knew she couldn't trust Rain to hold his liquor. He got drunk anyway.

He looked at his wife, smiling mischievously. "Oh, hey honey! Why are you still awake?" asked Rain slowly. Rain was still amazingly conscious, even when he drank tons of wine at the dinner. When he saw Annie, he got up and dragged himself to kiss her.

"Here I am waiting for you to come home. You don't need to work so hard. You've done enough!" pleaded Annie. She felt sorry for her husband. Rain had refused all outside help and was determined to start from scratch. He was so sure that he would succeed in building his own new world.

"I'm fine, okay? You know I'm doing all

er the Spring-Festival holiday, CY technology finally made some progress. Enough to give Rain a breather and he finally could spend some time with his family.

Sheena's house was sold for half its original price, just as Rain predicted. The Ke Family faded into obscurity.

"Rain, is this what you wanted to see?" Sanford looked like he aged decades. When he came back home, he found that his ancestral home wasn't his anymore.

"I have no idea what you're talking about," Rain said innocently. He sat on his chair with his legs crossed. He took a sip of coffee and laughed without any emotion.

"My family has been ruined completely, you brat. Ever since you entered our lives, it was doomed from that moment." Sanford looked tired. He was resigned to the fact that he had no house to live in even after spending his entire life toiling and struggling.

"Don't you dare blame me for that. You know the reasons more clearly than the rest of them. You blamed me because you're too much of a coward to accept the truth. That's why you just decided it was much easier to blame me for your faults and miserable fate." Rain laughed at his father. He knew Sanford would never choose to help him. He was used to this kind of betrayal.

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