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   Chapter 1756 A Pregnancy Test (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6339

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"Don't be ridiculous. Both of my sons are good boys. What you just described would never happen," Sheena said confidently. However, her quivering voice betrayed her guilty conscience. Her sons might treat her well, but her daughters-in-law would definitely not.

"Time will tell. It always does, be it right or wrong. Tiana, let's go," Rain said coldly, not even sparing a second glance. He wondered how Sanford would react when he came back home to see the house was gone. Would he go crazy and lose himself?

"Yeah. Let's get out of here," Tiana replied in agreement. Tiana walked to him playfully, but her expression was worried; a stark contrast to her movements. Although Sheena had a terrible temper, her father liked her nonetheless. When she heard that their house would be sold to settle their debts, anxiety gripped her heart.

"Stop. Wait a minute. Rain, isn't true that I raised your sister? Can't you show even a small amount of gratitude?" asked Sheena, stepping foward. She just couldn't accept losing her daughter and fortune at the same time.

"Haha! I should be grateful? Why should I do that? What do you want, Sheena? Money? That greed of yours drove my mother to her death and caused many more troubles. I fucking hate you," answered Rain, not even looking back. His teeth were grinding in anger. His fingers slowly came together and clenched into a fist, but he restrained himself to the best of his ability, just enough to keep him from punching her face. Sheena didn't deserve any gratitude from him.

"Why blame me for your mother's demise?" asked Sheena. She was quite taken aback. Her lips transformed from a vicious snarl to a pout that conveyed her annoyance.

"Why shouldn't I blame you? Didn't you do everything wrong? Do I have to list down all the crimes you committed one by one?" Rain said solemnly. Finally he turned around, his eyes closed in deep t

sorry. I promise this won't happen again," said Tiana apologetically. Her head was downcast. Tiana thought it was okay since Sheena only asked that they should get some coffee together. She never expected any danger from her.

"Remember, we humans are dangerous and treacherous. Don't trust anybody so easily, even Sheena. Are we clear?" Rain asked. He feared for Tiana's safety. A cornered animal might do something desperate, such was the case for the Ke Family.

"I won't forget. You're the boss, brother," replied Tiana. Tiana felt intense remorse for what she did. Rain looked really worried about her, and this wasn't the first time she let him down.

"Don't ever forget. It's your life we're talking about." She had lived with the Ke Family her whole life, and she probably had never noticed their true nature. This didn't guarantee her safety around them, either.

"I will never meet them again. I promise." Tiana reaffirmed her brother. As long as he had his peace of mind, she would do everything he wanted.

"Good girl. Now go home. I have dinner plans tonight. You can dine with my wife back at the house." The CY Technology Company was barely getting by. He needed to attend various parties to gather connections and sweeten relationships.

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