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   Chapter 1755 My Own Sister (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7859

Updated: 2019-05-17 00:07

"Really? Am I really your sister?" She couldn't believe it as she saw it on paper. It took her everything to pretend to be calm the past few days, but she was full of a weird mix of anxiety and excitement. If she was his sister, then she had been treating the one who killed her mother as a parent for the past twenty years. It broke her heart to realize that she had been living with her enemy for most of her life.

"Yes. Are you happy?" He was smiling at her, and at the fact that he could finally bring his mother peace.


This means I'm not an orphan… I have a real family." She always wanted Rain to be her brother. She would think about it often, knowing that it was undoubtedly a mere fantasy. It was still so unreal to think that her wish came true that way.

"Silly girl, how could you be an orphan? You've always had us." He gently wiped her tears away. He never thought such a day would come, and he was brimming with the same emotions, but was always just much better at keeping them from surfacing.

"Yes, I have you, so I'm not an orphan," she repeated.

With a brother like him beside her, she felt like she could get through anything.

"We're officially family now. You can ask anything you want from me. You never need to hesitate or be shy about anything ever again." The confirmation of their relationship did change his attitude towards her a great deal.

After the reveal of Tiana's identity, pretty much everyone accepted it happily, even if they were surprised at first. Their attitudes towards her also changed. After all, she was Rain's sister now.

Rain said he wanted his mother to meet Annie, so he took his family to the cemetery before the holiday.

Annie made sure to get all dressed up. Even like this, it was her first meeting with Rain's mother, and she wanted to make a good impression.

"Mother, are you there?

This is your daughter-in-law. Your grandchildren are also here.

I'm sorry I didn't bring them to see you before today." He was doing well to make sure his voice didn't crack, but he was getting quite emotional. It was the first time he was so happy in front of his mother.

"And this… is Tiana. Do you think she looks familiar?"

He reached out to pull her closer.

"Doesn't she? This is my sister, mom. Your own daughter. Over twenty years ago, she didn't pass away, s

on who had nothing to do with him in his home.

"Because she's my sister!

Do you understand now? The baby girl you brought back from the hospital is my mother's child. Shouldn't you at least act a little surprised? Do you really have no ounce of decency?" He appeared almost out of nowhere. As soon as he heard from the guard that Tiana had gone to meet Sheena at a nearby café, he rushed over, worried that Sheena would harm his sister.

"That's impossible! I didn't help that woman raise her baby! No…no, no! You're lying!"

She started shaking her head, almost hysterically. The words were all arrows to her heart.

"I'm not lying. We've done the DNA testing. It's official." Rain found himself particularly pleased to see Sheena out of control. Before, he said that he would act as if nothing had happened, so long as they didn't do anything stupid to provoke him. Sheena, however, repeatedly walked the dangerous line of challenging him.

"Don't lie to me, asshole! You're lying! I won't believe you. Tiana was an unwanted baby girl! She's not your mother's bastard!" She felt sick at the thought. So she had been taking care of her rival's child all that time? "Oh my god! You can't do this to me," she muttered into the empty air.

"Bastard? Look at your sons. They're the bastards here! They'll kick you straight out when you have no more use for them." He smiled a dangerously cold smile. He received word that her two sons were looking for someone to value their house, meaning they were going to sell it without any concern for their mother.

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