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   Chapter 1753 Nothing Had Really Changed (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 9695

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"That girl...again" Rain smiled silently upon hearing of Leena's involvement once again. In the past, Leena had been the only woman to know his sorrows, but now he had Annie to share his joys and sorrows with.

"Yeah, it was she who told me. I feel that she is like a treasure trove, in which there are many wonderful gifts not yet known by others," Annie felt that she liked Leena more and more as time went by. Leena was ever optimistic and had a positive life outlook, which made her easy to get along with, and a good friend to Annie.

"Yeah! That's why we all treasure her so much," Rain sighed slightly. He thought that Kevin had won her heart so easily. If he had not acted without their knowledge, then they would not have let him marry Leena so easily. Since they cherished her so much, no one would ever be considered good enough for her.

"I see," Annie realized that Leena was actually the link between Rain and his companions, and she helped these men maintain their friendship. It seemed that they could get along with one another particularly harmoniously, as long as Leena was together with them.

"Let's go to sleep. It's late," Rain gave her a lingering kiss on the lips before he closed his eyes, still cradling her in his arms. Tomorrow would be another day. Their wonderful life together had just begun.

After the wedding, the Spring Festival would soon arrive. So, everyone, including Rain, became extremely busy with planning and business. Even so, Rain did not forget to help Tiana investigate the identity of her biological parents.

When his cellphone rang, he had just concluded an executive meeting. He took the call while still walking.

"Hello, boss. What's up?" he asked while also taking a file from an employee that required his signature, and absently penning his name.

"I need to see you, immediately. Come over, I have some questions for you," Edward said brusquely. In his office, Edward had perused the documents in front of him with widening eyes. He found it difficult to believe what he was reading. Therefore, he needed to ask Rain some questions right now and in person.

"What happened? What is so urgent? Can I come to you this afternoon?" Rain found himself in a pickle as he noticed the time on his wrist watch, and he still had many meetings ahead.

"No, you can't. Come here right away," Edward didn't think he could wait until the afternoon with such dramatic news.

"Okay! I'll be there in half an hour," Rain said helplessly, hung up the phone, before dialing William and giving some instructions before leaving for Edward's office.

As soon as he arrived at the FX International Group, he immediately took the elevator to the top floor and Edward's office.

"Edward, what on earth is the matter? What is so urgent that I had to drop everything and come here right now?" Rain asked. Exhausted, he threw himself down

You're right. She treated Tiana quite well in the past, though she has been cruel to her recently," Rain was suddenly uplifted by Edward's words. After all, it was he who benefited from the news. He had a sister now.

"It's good for you to think this calmly, but why didn't you mention that your mother had a girl child before, to us?" Edward asked the question again, as he was surprised that Rain hadn't said anything about having a sister before, and he was still struggling with its implications.

"Do you think it is necessary that I mention everything from my past?" Rain's mind was in a state of contradiction. He was both excited and sad. He felt excited because his younger sister turned out to still be alive; while he felt sad because his mother had died because of a vicious scheme that had broken her heart when she had still been so very young.

"Yeah. Then, do you have any plans?" Edward didn't think Rain would leave the matter at that.

"What plans can I have? Tiana has broken off all relations with the Ke Family; so, considering the fact that they have raised Tiana for more than twenty years, I won't call them to account, as long as they don't make trouble for us, for the time being. But if they are not sensible, I will destroy them completely," Rain spoke calmly about his options after a moment's contemplation.

"Wow! You've matured a lot, to be able to think so calmly and logically," Edward could not help but applaud, liking Rain's idea. After all, most often there was nothing more valuable than a family union.

"That's enough! Don't make fun of me," Rain said. Since he had believed that Tiana was the daughter of the Ke Family, there was no real change in his affection for her, now that he knew she was actually his own sister. After all, the only difference was her mother, but her father was still Sanford Ke. It was easy for Rain to accept the fact, as nothing had really changed.

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