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   Chapter 1749 Negotiation (Part Five)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7192

Updated: 2019-05-16 00:22

"There, we let her go. Now, give me the videotape and the recoding," Sheena smugly requested. She had seen everything about Tiana and Rain from her cold, brutal eyes. She didn't mind showing Tiana how cunning and manipulative she actually had been to her all this time. Whether Tiana could accept this cruel truth was beyong Sheena's responsibility now. All she cared about was the evidence in Rain's possession that could destroy her life.

"Don't worry! I'll definitely hand them over to you after we sign the contract," Rain replied. He wasn't some stupid man who got lucky. He was a sophisticated businessman who worked with Edward for so many years. He learned a lot under his tutelage.

"Rain, what are you talking about?" Tiana asked in confusion. She was completely disoriented now. She had no idea what was happening ever since she had been locked up.

"Nothing that should concern you. Don't worry," Rain replied gently. He believed that it would be best if Tiana knew as little as possible between their deal, considering her physical and mental states. She was too weak to take all of this in at once.

"What contract are you talking about?' Sheena asked, also confused. She didn't know what Rain was up to.

"Of course a contract that says, from now on, Tiana would have nothing to do with you people. Otherwise, who knows when you'll attempt to kidnap her again after I turn over the evidence?" Rain replied matter-of-factly. He didn't worry that they might cheat him after the deal, because the contract he prepared was full of contingencies and no loopholes.

"What if we don't sign this?" Sheena asked increduously.

"That would be fine, too. I have more than one copy of the evidence," Rain replied passively. Trying to play tricks on him? He never knew they were that stupid to attempt this. His IQ was leagues higher than these people.

"You shameless bastard!" Sheena cried angrily. It never came across Sheena's panicked mind that Rain would make copies of the evidence. If that was true, then the plan she came up with earlier would be useless. She couldn't kidnap Tiana back anymore, which again would mean no mone

hat truly cared about her.

"But why did you save me?" Tiana asked again. She couldn't understand him either. It seemed that he gave up something important in exchange just to help her out.

"Maybe for my unborn sister who died before she could even see this ugly world," Rain answered, his voice lowering unconsciously. Everyone thought that he hated the Ke's because of his mother's death. But there was something more to it than that. The deeply buried wound was about his unborn sister, who died too early. This was also the reason why his mother became depressed all those years, which finally led to her death.

"What did you just say?" Tiana asked. She hadn't listened to him intently. As Rain spoke in an almost hushed whisper, Tiana couldn't catch what he had said.

"Nothing, let's get out of the car now," Rain replied. He had decided early on to hide his pain deep inside his heart for the rest of his life. He wouldn't easily tell anyone about his deepest secret. He didn't even mention this to his best friends.

"Well, okay then," Tiana replied, disappointed. She sensed that Rain wasn't willing to expound on the subject further, so she stopped herself from prying too much. She opened the car door and stepped outside. As soon as she put her weight on her leg, her body began to tremble. Fortunately, Rain was swift to catch her, otherwise she would have fallen on the ground the moment she left the car.

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