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   Chapter 1741 Illegal Detention (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6505

Updated: 2019-05-15 00:11

"Mr. Xia. Here is the ice pack you asked for. Is this okay?" William walked in the office without even knocking on the door, because he was in a hurry. Rain had instructed him to bring it as soon as possible.

"Yes, that's just all right. Hand it over to Tiana," Rain said, nodding his head to Tiana. He thought it was really a good idea to take William with him to CY Technology. He was such a good employee who did everything that was asked of him to do, efficiently, perfectly and quickly. His job was impeccable.

"Here you are, Miss Ke." William handed the ice pack to Tiana without saying anything else. Though he was curious why her face was all red and swollen, he didn't say anything about it. After all, it was none of his business. He was not the big boss of CY Technology, and he understood his place, knowing when he should keep his mouth shut.

"Thank you, William." Tiana took the ice pack from William's hand. She couldn't help but lower her head, feeling quite embarrassed that he had to see her like this.

"You are welcome. I should go back to work now. If you need anything, just call me, Mr. Xia," William made a slight bow and said to Rain in a polite tone.

"Go ahead." Rain waved his hand, gesturing for him to continue his work. But all of a sudden, he called after William, making him stop in his tracks and look back at him with confused eyes. "Wait. Please find me some ointment for her cheek too. Thank you, William."

"No problem, Mr. Xia." Though William answered in an obedient tone, he was getting more and more confused inside. He had thought that Rain didn't like Tiana and wasn't in good terms with her. But why was he being so nice to her all of a sudden today? He couldn't understand, but it was not in his position to question it and even say it out loud. He just had to do what Rain told him to do and ask no questions.

Of course, Rain couldn't know what William was thinking about. He just star

sues. The truth was, she felt so lost, which was worse than the pain on her face. She was like a kid who suddenly lost everything she had and became homeless. But Rain saw through her. She was really a bad liar.

"Here. This is the ointment that I asked William to get for you. It's good for your face. Try putting some on," Rain said while handing the ointment to her. He could easily see through her lie, but he didn't want to make a big deal out of it and embarrass her. He could understand how hard it must be for her to be treated like this by her own mother. He knew that she must feel betrayed and very disappointed. But he didn't know how to comfort her and he wasn't sure if he should. So he just kept his mouth shut and pretended to believe that she was telling the truth.

"Thank you." Tiana was really touched by his actions. He could have done nothing to help her and he did not have the obligation to do so. But he still tried to help despite the feud between him and her family. She almost cried again because of this. But she just tried her best to contain her emotions and calm herself down. She didn't want Rain to see her cry any more. It just made her look weak and useless. So she just turned around and walked back into the bathroom with the ointment that Rain gave her.

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