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   Chapter 1740 Illegal Detention (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6740

Updated: 2019-05-14 04:18

"Why doesn't your father do something if your mother keeps treating you like this?" Rain drew a piece of tissue from the desk and gave it to her. He was confused why Sanford would let Sheena treat their daughter like this. Something like this shouldn't be happening, in his opinion.

"My dad went abroad, right after you announced that KD... no, CY Technology was founded. He said that he felt too ashamed to stay in this city anymore. He has no idea what happened after he left. That is why he couldn't do anything about it," Tiana replied in a small sobbing voice, taking the tissue from Rain's hand and used it to wipe her tears away. Her action was gentle and cautious because her face was badly hurt. Even with her gentle hands, she could still feel her face throbbing, every movement creating ripples of sharp pain from the wounds. She felt so bitter and hurt right now.

"By the way, where have you been staying these days?" Rain knew that she hadn't been going home. In fact, it had been a few days since she had left home. That was why he asked out of curiosity. He hoped that she at least had a decent place to sleep.

"I have been staying at one of my friends' house," Tiana answered honestly. She knew that it wasn't a very good idea to keep staying with her friend. She couldn't intrude for too long. But she just had no other choice right now. She just needed a few more days before she figured out what to do next.

"You've been staying with your friend? I mean, don't you have your own place? Your family didn't get you your own house or something?" Upon hearing Tiana's words, Rain couldn't help but feel a bit surprised. How come Tiana didn't have her own place? Usually, rich parents would buy at least one piece of property for their children. So he couldn't understand why Tiana didn't have a place where she could stay and had to stay at someone else's house. She should have her own villa, or at least a small apartment.

"No! Of course not. They only give me money to spend when I need it

ould tell that the two of them were alike, having so many similarities.

"Like home?" Rain had a confused look on his face. He didn't know how to feel about her confession. He knew that she wasn't lying at all. Did he really make her feel so much at ease and welcome? Did she really feel like she was at home when she was around him? Did he really give off that kind of family vibe that she was looking for? If the answers to his questions were yes, then why hadn't he ever felt it himself?

"Yes, like home. What is it, Rain?" Tiana asked, looking at him with confused eyes. She didn't know why he looked so serious all of a sudden. What happened?

"Nothing. I have already asked William to bring an ice pack for you. He should be here in a minute. Gently place it on your swollen cheek. I am sure that it will make you feel better." Rain avoided Tiana's question, walking over to his desk and sat down on the chair. He turned his back to her, trying to hide what he had been really thinking just now.

"Thank you so much, Rain." Tiana felt happy, that he seemed to care about her. Even if it was just a tiny bit of concern, she was already satisfied. Rain's actions told her that she didn't get slapped for nothing. She defended Rain in front of her family, and in return, Rain was seriously concerned about her well being and safety.

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