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   Chapter 1739 Not Your Moneymaking Tool (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8481

Updated: 2019-05-14 03:44

"You think you can threaten me with that? If you wish to die so badly, I'll grant your wish with pleasure," Sheena sneered, raising her hand again. For more than two decades, she wore the image of a loving mother to Tiana. It was all destroyed in a single eye-opening argument where Sheena revealed her claws. This time, however, her hand was held back by another powerful hand.

"If you want to teach your daughter a lesson, please teach her at home. It's office time. Don't get in the way of my staff's productivity," said Rain flatly. Granted, it was originally their family business. So it felt inconvenient for him, as an outsider, to interfere in their personal affairs. Nevertheless, he couldn't take another minute of watching Tiana being bullied by her mother.

"Rain," Tiana beckoned to him, looking helplessly sad. Aware of her pathetic situation, she lowered her eyes to hide her pain from Rain.

"What does our family affair have to do with you, you son-of-a-bitch? What? Now that you're the president of KD Group, do you really think that you've become noble now? Don't forget that regardless of your status changing, it will never erase the fact that you're still just an illegitimate child." Sheena said coldly towards him. Then, with great force, she pulled her hand back. If it hadn't been for him taking over KD Group, she wouldn't have become the villain shouting in public and humiliating her daughter.

"So what? At least I took over KD Group by my competence, not by selling out my daughter for power and wealth like someone," Rain said ironically. Glancing at Tiana's face, he saw the reddish marks on her face. She must be in great pain at the moment.

"Hah! Did you say, by your own competence? That's right. When it comes to being brazen and sly as a fox, who's better than you?" Rain bit back a response, and let her continue, "Did you think that after you putting my sons and daughters-in-law in the branch office, I'd be grateful to you? Oh, on the contrary, I'll curse you to die like a dog forever." Sheena snapped, gritting her teeth. She didn't even attempt to conceal her hatred for him.

"Whatever! If cursing actually worked, maybe you'd be dead several times now," Rain retorted, flaring up at the insensitive woman. If she thought that her resentment towards him was bigger than the other way around, she had another thing coming.

"You stupid girl, did you hear what he said? He's a man who wants us to die, and you're stupid enough to stay here and work for him. Do you have any self-

he was inevitably involved in it again.

"I'm so sorry!" Tiana said, sensing his anger. His animosity must have been induced by her mother scolding him, and so naturally, she felt like she owed him an apology.

"Don't say sorry to me. Say sorry to your cheeks! You owe me nothing! And why didn't you tell me that your family wanted to marry you off to the president of CM Company?" Rain questioned her. He was almost positive that the people of the Ke family had lost their minds. Otherwise, why on earth would they let such a beautiful young lady marry a man who was so much older than her? Did it really mean that deep in their hearts, money was more important than family?

"I was afraid you wouldn't allow me to stay at your company, so I hid it from you," Tiana said, biting her lips anxiously. If she had told him the truth earlier, he wouldn't have cared about her. With the fact that her beloved family could treat her that way, she could only assume that he would do the same since he had always regarded the other members of the Ke family as his enemies.

"You're really very aware of the whole situation," Rain remarked, honestly. As soon as they emerged from the elevator, Rain pulled her into the office of the president, raising people's curiosity for a while. Soon enough, he walked out and ordered casually, "William, go get me some ice, and gauze," 'If Tiana's face wasn't treated immediately, it would swell up like a pig's head, ' Rain thought to himself.

"I'm on it, Sir," William said quickly, "I'll bring them to you right away." Although William didn't know what was happening, he didn't bother to ask questions and preferred to follow his boss' orders.

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