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   Chapter 1738 Not Your Moneymaking Tool (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7931

Updated: 2019-05-14 01:16

After what seemed like a long time, Rain finally said, "Well, if that's the case, I'll take your card. And since it's money in exchange for shares in my company, later I'll ask William to prepare a document showing your shares based on the money you put in." Even though she had her shares in the Group Company of the Leng Family, no one would assume that they were too wealthy to earn more. Not to mention, as she said, it was to create a better future for Richard.

"Pfft! You really don't need to be so formal about this!" Leena said in an uneasy tone. She didn't realize he would be so serious about the legalities of the investment proposal. Her mouth twitched. If he was going to settle her shares accordingly with the money she provided, she wasn't completely providing support as she had planned to, but was instead robbing him when he was already in trouble.

"There's nothing to discuss. I insist we do it that way, or I won't accept a single penny from you," Rain said firmly. Looking at her reaction, he frowned and realized that her ultimate purpose was to help him out of his financial trouble. But since she had the will to invest in his company as a shareholder, he would definitely make her investment more valuable.

"All right, then!" Leena said glumly, pouting her lips. As soon as he brought up his conditions, Leena was reluctant to agree as it might put him in a more difficult position in the future. But seeing it was the only way for her to help him at the moment, she decided to accept his proposal.

"Well, I want to propose a toast," Rain said happily, raising a cup. "To our pleasant partnership." Clinking his cup with hers, he took a sip of his coffee. Perhaps on another day, somewhere in the brighter future, they would be sharing another toast but with wine instead.

"Wow! I guess it's official! Cheers to a happy partnership," Leena beamed, and took a sip as well. She, too, felt it was odd of them to be consuming coffee for the toast. Probably, only the two of them would do something as strange as that.

When it was time for Leena to leave, Rain returned directly to his company. As he reached the entrance of his company, however, he saw Tiana and Sheena having a loud argument free for everyone to see.

"Did you hear me? You need to go back home with me right now!" Sheena yelled, "Stop hanging out with that little ba

ithout another thought, the older woman raised her hand, and gave Tiana another hard slap in the face.

"You..." Tiana was too stunned to complete her sentence. She never thought it would be possible to be slapped twice on the same day. Meanwhile, Rain was stunned to witness the second slap as well. Wasn't Tiana supposed to be the favorite princess of the Ke family? It just didn't add up. What he was seeing was totally different from what he had thought this entire time.

"Tiana, you have to stop behaving this way right now. Or else, you'll suffer so much more. So, let's go. Come with Mom now," Sheena said gently. Once she found that tough approach wouldn't work on Tiana, she decided to try a softer approach.

"You know what? These two slaps you so nicely gave me was the last straw. Now I've lost my attachment to the Ke family, and it's completely impossible for me to go back with you." Tiana said firmly, wiping the blood out of the corner of her mouth. She was completely heartbroken now. It wasn't until that moment that she really doubted whether she was Sheena's real daughter.

"It's not up to you. I'm not leaving until you agree to go back with me," said Sheena, starting to get irritated again. Although it wasn't long enough, Sheena figured that the soft approach wasn't going to work on Tiana as well.

"I said it's impossible unless you kill me first," said Tiana, completely resolved. If her mother thought she was going to agree to marry that old man, then she must have gone completely insane. Tiana would rather die than get married to him.

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