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   Chapter 1736 CY Technology (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6029

Updated: 2019-05-14 00:37

"Thank you, Rain. I will do my best." Although she was unfamiliar with the field of marketing, she would try her best to learn.

"I must warn you, I don't allow incompetent people to stay in the company. You have to show me your best abilities," Rain said coldly. When he said this, he hoped that she would give up now if she had some ill will against him.

"Rest assured." Tiana bit her lower lip. Her family was already scheming and plotting against Rain. She was afraid that they would use her as a tool to merge together with other companies. She previously heard Eugenia suggest to Sheena that Tiana marry the head of CM Company so that they could fight against Rain together.

"You may go to work now." Rain lowered his head, not intending to speak to her again.

Tiana secretly pumped her fist to encourage herself and then quietly left his office. It seemed that her efforts to get close to him in the past two years had finally paid off.

Meanwhile, a heated fight ensued between two women at an office in YS Group.

Eleanor and Annie weren't in good terms. Annie was always pissed off every time she had to work with Eleanor as the latter had a talent for stirring up trouble. Eleanor even cut her own finger to frame Annie. She allegedly said that her finger was cut because of the jewelry Annie designed. Annie really didn't know how to deal with the likes of Eleanor.

"Annie An, did you do it on purpose? You dislike me, so you set up a trap for me, huh?" Eleanor asked, pointing at Annie. Her finger was bleeding, but it was actually sliced with a sharp cutting tool. Annie didn't think the ring she made would cut a person's finger. She knew it was all part of Eleanor's plot.

"Miss Xiao, why would I set up a trap for you? Your getting injured doesn't do me any good. It wil

can't be there all the time." Belinda thought she had to remind Annie. Otherwise, Eleanor would not only continue to belittle Annie, but also delay the company schedule. She wondered why Annie was so soft. Annie was from a prominent family, and she shouldn't have been acting like this.

"I know, Belinda. I just thought that I should be lenient whenever it's possible, so I always try to avoid arguing with people." Annie smiled sheepishly at Belinda. During the time when she had left home and lived alone, she didn't have the life skills to support herself and thus, had a lot to learn. Because of this, she had always swallowed the insults and humiliation silently. After all the meekness and internalizing everything, she had gotten into the habit of being soft towards others. Even when she had made a name for herself as a famous designer now, she was still humble and modest.

"Silly girl! How's your arm? When can the sling be removed?" Belinda asked with a frown. She felt quite uneasy to see Annie's arm in a sling, for it always reminded her of the scene she had seen in the CCTV cameras. If it hadn't been for Rain who arranged bodyguards for Annie, she would have been killed by then.

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