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   Chapter 1735 CY Technology (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6677

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"Are you done talking now? If so, please take your leave. I still have work to finish," Rain said coldly. The overall renewal of the shareholders would definitely cause inconvenience to the company. Rain needed to make sure that KD Group got back on track.

"Rain, why don't you let go of your hatred? Your brothers and sisters-in-law have nothing to do with your mother's death. Why did you have to turn yourself against them? You're family," Sanford said as he sighed with profound resignation. He believed that Rain had made up his mind to destroy the Ke family, and he could do nothing but intercede for his sons and daughters-in-law.

"Hahaha! Family? Have you ever treated me as your family? Have they ever treated me as their family?" Rain shouted at Sanford once again. He had completely lost control of his emotions now. 'All that matters to him is his family, and he never ever cared about me once. I should've known it from the very beginning. Why is my heart still aching? I'm such a coward, ' he thought sadly to himself.

"Please show mercy to your brothers and sisters-in-law for my sake. They are nothing when they leave the company. I know you would by no means keep them here. Why don't you assign them to the branch offices? They won't be a threat to you that way." This was Sanford's last request. He knew Rain had made up his mind, and he could do nothing now.

"I'll consider it." Rain's heart softened when he saw his father's face. It was like he truly looked at him for the first time. His hair was greying and his pale skin wrinkled in many places, particularly around his eyes. It was as if he felt his father's aging.

"I hope you'll keep your word." Sanford gave him a long look before leaving the office. He had asked Rain to come back and save the company. Now the company was saved, but the Ke family members except for him were all driven out. Although he was still a shareholder, all the seniors weren't on his side anymore.

Now that the company was comp

hoose to stay in the company and remain by your side." Tiana felt that Rain had treated her better than her own brothers, so she was willing to stay around him.

"Are you sure? I'm warning you, if you betray me, I would not spare you," Rain said seriously with a slight frown. To be honest, Tiana was a capable worker, and he thought highly of her. If she would be loyal to him, it would be a good idea to have her stay in the company.

"Yes, I'm sure." She sniffed. Before she decided to meet Rain, she had actually put a good word for him before her mother, but that only enraged her. Sheena had struck her violently across her cheek and even grounded her as punishment. She only got to the company because she escaped the house through the window, but she wouldn't tell Rain about that.

"Follow me." Rain cast a glance at her before proceeding to his office without saying anything more.

Tiana didn't expect Rain to agree to her stay so easily. She was thrilled and followed him silently. 'I knew it! Although he looks cold, he still treats me as his sister, ' she thought to herself.

"You'll be responsible for the Marketing Department for now. If you need help, just go to William." Rain decided to give her a chance. If she was doing very well and was loyal to him, he would not mind her staying in the company.

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