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   Chapter 1733 Counterattack (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7767

Updated: 2019-05-13 02:53

"Rain, what are you doing? Why are you driving me out of the KD Group? Don't forget, that this company belongs to the Ke family, not the Xia family." Vance rushed into the President's office, angrily pointing his finger and shouting at Rain.

"So what? May I remind you who is in charge of KD Group now? And I suggest that you never, ever forget." Even though boiling with anger inside, Rain just slightly retorted. He knew that many people would come to him in protest. This was going to be a long day.

"Well, are you finally willing to show what your intentions are in KD Group? You no longer need to pretend." Vance was the first one who was dismissed from the company. So it was just natural for him to be furious about it.

"What I did today was all because of what you all did first. You should have left my family out of this. If you hadn't tried to hurt them, this would not have happened to you." Rain meant to let them stay in the company. But they were ungrateful and went on to try and hurt Annie. As a husband, it was natural for him to react this way.

"Who hurt your family? Have you produced any evidence? If you have not, then you have nothing to use against us. Stop being such a hypocrite." Vance said this with a little guilt. But he also thought that Rain would never find anything to link them to the accident. Because of this he was able to act arrogantly in front of Rain, while crossing his fingers behind him.

"Well! Don't you worry... or actually you should worry, because I am getting closer to it. And I will let you see it all and rub it in your faces, before taking you to court!" Rain then turned around. He did not want to argue with him further. As for the evidence, he had let the people in the Mayfly take care of it. He could not believe that the Ke Family could act so arrogant all the time.

"I'm telling you that I'm not going to leave KD Group no matter what. So do you think that you could dismiss me so easily." Vance, after all, was the legal son of the Ke family. He would not accept such a kind of treatment. He was the future of the Ke famly and even by himself, he was the face of it. No one had the right to drive him away from the company associated with his family for such a long time. He would not leave KD Group now. Rain would have to pry his hands away f

o not hold a candle to you. Who would have thought that you were capable of such an upset in this company. But don't be fooled. Sooner or later, you will be the one to pay for everything that you did today." Vance shrank in hopelessness. He just blamed himself for lacking the foresight to see this coming. Now he and his family had been beaten by a single man. It hurt to think that he had failed miserably. It seemed that none of them was as smart as Rain who had outwitted them, slowly but surely. Today he won this battle.

"I will be waiting. But know this. You forced me to do what I have done today. If you had not challenged my threshold and hurt my family, all things would have been the same as they were. I have been the main share holder for a long time now. And I gave you face and let you continue to stay in the KD Group. But I didn't expect that my kindness would encourage you to be more cruel and wicked! I think we are done here. There is nothing more for us to talk about. William, please escort these people out of my office, and then tell the security to make sure that they have all vacated the company premises. Without my permission, they are not allowed to enter this company." All this time, Rain did not use his anger to settle the matter. Instead, he was a gentleman all throughout. Once someone forced him down the end of his rope, no one could change his mind. He did not and would not mind what others said about him. Cruel? Arrogant? Whatever. For his family, he did not fear anything, no matter what they called him.

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