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   Chapter 1732 Counterattack (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7075

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When they arrived at the hospital, Tom had just finished one surgery. After he heard what had happened today, he was also inexplicably shocked. Fear was written on his face. He merely thought that the people from the Ke family were too overbearing. He never thought that they would be this ruthless to even dare

do such kind of thing. These people had no morals.

"The left elbow has a tendency to fracture, so I have to have the nurse bandage it. You will not be able to use it for a while." Tom's assessment of Annie's condition wasn't as serious as they had thought. There were no signs of internal bleeding nor any concussions. In addition to the hurt in the left hand, there was no massive injuries like they feared she would have. Considering that they were aiming for her to be no less than dead, it was a miracle that she was able to walk away with just a few cuts and bruises.

"Well! Thank you very much!" Annie smiled lightly. She really cherished such a new lease in life after such a near-death disaster. And all this was owing to Rain's foresight. If he did not ask people to secretly follow and protect her, she might have been dead today.

The nurse was very gentle and caring as she applied the bandage around Annie's cuts. After completing a few other procedures to make sure that Annie was comfortable, she smiled and went out.

"You'd better pay more attention to this in the future. It's really horrible." From their narration, Tom imagined such a breathtaking scene comparable to the special effects action sequences in Hollywood blockbuster movies.

"I hear you and yes I agree 100%! They almost got us once. Do we still not know how to protect ourselves against them? They need to be stopped!" Rain was glad that he had thought of this in advance. If not, he could have lost his wife today. Then he would not really know how to go on in this life without her.

"That was close. You might not be so lucky next time if they decide to come at you again. And next time they will leave nothing to chance and make sure that they succeed. For now, you'd better take her home and have

thanks to me. We are good brothers. But don't just focus on the safety of your wife and children. There is a good chance that their next target would be you." Edward thought that there was indeed such a kind of possibility. Failing to completely hurt Annie, they would guess she was sure to take extra precautions from here on and it would be hard for them to even get close to Annie. Furthermore, Rain would certainly strengthen security around her, perhaps add more bodyguards. So it would be easier for them to approach Rain.

"Thanks, I will also pay attention to this, so rest assured! I also want to live long enough to grow old together with my wife." Rain said firmly. In order to secure a peaceful life in the future and for him to give his family a safe and harmonious environment, he must do something about it.

"I wish you the best of luck." For the first time, Edward talked sincerely with him. He was always a joker around Rain and never took him seriously. But in crucial times when there was a matter of life and death, he had reserved his gentlemanly character for such an occasion.

"Thank you!" Rain winked at him.

In the following days, Rain took a series of personnel adjustments in KD Group. The key personnel from the Ke family were all dismissed with different reasons. For a period of time, the whole company had become stirred up and muddled because of these drastic changes.

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