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   Chapter 1731 Counterattack (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7692

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"I'm sorry! I am the owner of the car." Annie was still in a state of shock. Her face remained pale.

"Could you tell us what happened? Please start from as far back as you can remember." The police officer took out his book and prepared it for note taking.

"Sure." Annie narrated the entirety of the incident accordingly as she remembered it. As for what would happen next, it could only be determined by the police.

"Do you mean to say that the perpetrator did it on purpose?" The police officer looked at her. He just wondered that how could such a beautiful woman be hated by someone, not to mention someone who would act on that hate.

"I'm not sure about that. So please do a more thorough investigation." Annie guessed that the people who came and tried to kill her might have had connections with the Ke family. That was what made sense for the time being. But since she had no solid evidence, she had no choice but to keep it to herself.

"Well, Ma'am, we will need your full cooperation during this investigation. We will be in touch with you again at any time before the case is finalized. So please keep your communication lines open." After writing down Annie's testimony, the police officer noted Annie's name and phone number. Then he turned to continue the site investigation.

And right at that moment, Annie heard a loud screeching of the brakes from behind. Her body shrank in fear. But when she saw that it was Rain, she heaved a sigh of relief and relaxed.

"Annie, are you all right?" Rain even did not have the time to close his car door. As soon as the car stopped moving, he quickly ran towards Annie and looked at her from head to toe to check that if she was okay.

"I'm all right. I am just a little scared, that's all," answered Annie. As it was winter, she was dressed in layers. Her thick clothing helped to soften the impact. So she was not seriously hurt when she fell to the ground. She did have a few minor scratches.

"Don't be afraid. It's all right, I'm here now," Rain said. He gently pulled her to his arms and gave her a tight embrace to comfort her. Unknown to her, he himself was also scared bloody cold after seeing the twisted and mangled metal of the two cars. If he did not arrange for people to protect her, he really dared not to

he site of the accident. 'Damn it, how could she still be alive under such a circumstance,' she grumbled in her heart.

These people arrogantly left with their heads lifting high. They were confident to the core that Rain could not find any evidence against them.

"Let's go! We need to find Tom so that he can give you a thorough check up. You may look fine now but we don't know if you are sustaining any internal injuries." Although Annie said she was okay, Rain couldn't be complacent. He needed the final word from a reputable doctor like Tom to declare that she was indeed ok. He did not want to take any chances and risk the shock in the future that an illness would suddenly arise because of this accident.

"But what about here? Are we free to go?" Annie looked around the scene of the accident with a bit of worry.

"It's okay. I've arranged someone to come and help deal with it," Rain said. He then helped Annie get into his car. Until he was finally in the driver's seat, grasping the steering wheel, he realized how frightened he was because he could clearly see his hand still shaking. Inside the car, the noise from outside had been muffled. So he could hear his own blood pulsing in his head.

"Rain, what's wrong?" Seeing that Rain still did not start the car, Annie could not help but ask.

"I am okay. Don't forget to buckle your seat belt." Rain calmed himself down. He could not let her know that he was scared. After all, as the man of the house, he was expected to protect her and their children.

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