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   Chapter 1730 Money Makes The Mare Go (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6221

Updated: 2019-05-13 01:33

"Mrs. Ke, the reason why I'm still being respectful to you is for the sake of Mr. Ke, not because I'm afraid of you." Annie looked at Sheena straight to the eye. "Our wedding will happen and it won't be cancelled or delayed by anyone or anything. That I'm sure of."

"Oh? Really?" Sheena had a wicked grin plastered all over her face. "But what if there isn't a bride, hmm?" "W-What are you saying?" Annie felt cold all of a sudden.

"Do you think that there would still be a wedding if there is no bride?" Sheena resembled a witch in Annie's eyes. Nevertheless, Annie was thankful that the children were still out of this.

"I just want to remind you that we have thousands, no, millions of ways to stop the wedding." Annie's head snapped to see who had said that and she saw Hannah who had been standing just a few meters behind her, observing her the whole time. Hannah guessed that Annie might be from a well-off family as she had this elegant aura surrounding her.

Hannah began to sweat. 'What if she's really the daughter of the CEO of the C Financial Group?'

Annie remained calm and poised as she stated, "Mind you that this is a society governed by law." 'Aah… I felt like I shouldn't have done this…' Annie scolded herself, 'What if they try to kidnap me?'

"But, we'd like you to remember an old saying." Eugenia wore a smile of mockery. "Money makes the mare go."

"Are you not allowing me to leave?" Annie asked, desperately hoping that they'd let her go. 'I shouldn't have come here alone. If I were in trouble, would Rain rescue me?'

"We never said any of the sort," Hannah said as she played with her diamond ring, amused by Annie's reactions. "You're overreacting."

"Then I'd take my leave then." Annie quickly took her purse and stood up from her spot.

Sheena flashed Annie a crooked smile, "I hope to see you again. You

was even watching me…"

"I have been protecting you for more than a week now, Mrs. Xia," the body guard answered. He offered his hand to Annie. "Let me help you stand. Mr. Xia will be here soon." Annie then took the bodyguard's hand and was pulled back up to her feet. "How does he know I'm here?"

"I sent Mr. Xia the address the moment you stepped in," the bodyguard answered.

"You've been doing that for more than a week?" Annie was surprised. 'If it was for more than a week already then... this means that Rain must've known that I've met with Eugenia…' Annie began to ponder. 'Why didn't he ask me about it?'

Arriving at the scene was none other than a traffic officer. He began to page the other officers. "There's been a severe car accident at the downtown area. No passerby was killed during the crash."

He then saw Annie and her bodyguard and approached them.

"Good day, ma'am. We're glad you're safe. We'll just conduct a small investigation as to who owns the car that caused the incident." He then walked up to the black vehicle and looked at the driver's seat. With one glance he knew that it would be difficult to identify whoever had done this as his body and face were mangled and crushed beyond recognition.

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