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   Chapter 1729 Money Makes The Mare Go (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6962

Updated: 2019-05-13 00:44

"But, I feel sorry for you." Rain approached Annie and pulled her in his arms. He lifted up her chin and placed a tender kiss on her lips.

As his husband, he wanted to provide for his wife and children with the best things. No husband would ever want for his wife to feel wronged.

Annie's eyes fluttered to a close and just melted in Rain's kiss. Ever since they had tied the knot, she was ready to fight against the Ke family with him. She decided to visit Sheena to prove that not once was she afraid of them.

Rain pulled away from the kiss and looked into Annie's eyes deeply. He whispered huskily, "Your skin resembles an angel's. It makes me want to place my kisses on your skin." Annie felt heat shoot up to her cheeks.

"Rain, you're drunk…" Annie's heart never failed to beat erratically whenever Rain would whisper sweet words into her ear.

Rain then leaned in against Annie's ear, "Drunk of you." Rain pulled back and looked at Annie's profile. He knew that she had lied. He knew she had a reason why she had to keep it from him. He didn't probe any further.

"W-Would you please stop being so dirty?" Annie stuttered as she turned away from Rain's strong gaze.

"I'm only dirty for you, honey." Annie could feel Rain's rising excitement. 'This is all because of that wine…'

She then pried Rain's hands away from her body. Not long after, she started to switch off the lights, heading out of the study afterwards. "Don't speak nonsense. It's late already," Annie said as she began to walk ahead to the bedroom. "Let's go to bed."

Rain grinned. He stepped out of the study and lingered behind her. He started to tease her, "Oh? Looks like you couldn't hold it in anymore, hmm?"

Annie turned her head to look at Rain. "Geez, Rain. What in the world are you even thinking about? You've been so different lately as well."

Rain then caught up to Annie, placed a hand on her shoulder, and whispered in her ear as he grinned, "I've been thinking about you, honey."

Annie couldn't help but smile at Rain's words. "Oh? Then, I'm glad to hear that."

the whole media that Rain was a bastard of a shameless mistress.

"Hmph!" Sheena clicked her tongue. "You're exactly like that snake who seduced my husband." Every time Sheena spoke of Rain's mother. She would remember everything. There were times Sheena even considered digging up that woman's grave and hitting her body despite already being six feet below.

"Mrs. Ke!" Annie raised her voice. "Please just go straight to the point!" Sheena's eyes widened at Annie's tone. Annie couldn't believe that a wealthy woman like her was boorish.

"I'll give you any amount of money you want," Sheena started. "Just leave that bastard." She then took out a check book and a pen from her bag. "Name your price."

Annie's eyes widened in complete shock. She felt stabbed each and every time Sheena had called Rain, her husband, a bastard. Annie could never imagine how Rain would feel if he had heard it. "Are you kidding me?"

"To tell you the truth, it would be impossible for you to get married to that bastard. We'll stop it no matter what. Don't think we'd be so keen on giving that man a happy ending." Sheena laughed darkly. Sheena didn't want Rain to marry Annie due to her doubts. If Annie was really from a wealthy and powerful family, it'd be possible that her family would support Rain after their marriage and it would be much more difficult to get him out of the KD Group.

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