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   Chapter 1728 Money Makes The Mare Go (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6929

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"You should start drinking less…" Annie said worriedly, "I'm really worried about your health." Despite Rain calling for a driving service every time he was intoxicated, Annie couldn't help but still be worried about Rain's health. Alcohol does harm to your body.

"Don't worry. I won't drink too much," Rain responded. He then tried to change the topic, "So, did you like the wedding dress? How was it?" Rain knew Annie had gone over to Leena's place to try on the wedding dress that was specifically designed for her by Leena. He looked forward to seeing his woman in a wedding dress.

"I love it!" Annie smiled widely. "Leena really knows her stuff! The dress is in the trend and it looks absolutely stunning too! I just know she'd let me look beautiful!" Rain could see how Annie had taken so much interest for the dress.

"I'm glad you like it. I mean, she has no other redeeming qualities other than being gifted in fashion design, you know?" Rain jested. Though, Annie took it the wrong way.

"Rain! Come on, don't say that!" Annie pouted. "As far as I'm concerned, she has many good qualities and almost everyone likes her! It's only Justin that would always pick on her every time they see each other!" Annie had admired Leena for a long time now, but her admiration for her grew when she learned that Leena was none other than LN FASHION's designer.

"Justin and Leena?" Rain repeated, as he pinched the bridge of his nose and heavily sighed. "Those two? They're both such a headache. They can't even see each other eye to eye." If ever they saw Leena and Justin pass a day without arguing, they'd all think that the end of the world was coming.

Annie then fell silent for a moment before she spoke up again, "It's actually really weird. I mean, they share a lot in common. But, maybe that can be the reason why they don't get along so well? Like, you know, chemistry? Do you get where I'm going?"

"Maybe you're right. But, let's not talk about them for now." Rain turned to Annie, his focus all on her. He wanted to know what was wrong. "You don'

ie's eye, she saw Rain right at the door of the study. She hurriedly put the phone down. She looked at Rain, as if to check whether he had heard the whole conversation. Rain opened the door and stepped in the study. Annie feigned calmness as she asked, "Have you taken a bath?"

"Yes," Rain answered simply. "It's late. Who were you talking to?" he steered the conversation elsewhere. Rain didn't intend to pry something out of Annie's personal life, but he couldn't say that he wasn't curious.

"Oh, it's one of my clients. They weren't satisfied with the design I made," Annie lied. She couldn't possibly tell Rain that it was none other than Eugenia who had called. Eugenia said that, Sheena, her mother-in-law, wanted to meet her, but Annie had refused. Annie knew the story between Rain and the Ke family and she wanted nothing to do with them.

"You know, you can just always quit if work gets too demanding," Rain remarked. "I can support our family." Rain always wished for Annie to have a simple life filled with happiness, wherein she didn't have to worry about anything at all.

"Don't worry." Annie flashed Rain a reassuring smile. "I'm used to it." She had been through so much hardships during the past four years, but she still managed to break even. She had herself and her children to support after all. She owed her strength of perseverance to her children.

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