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   Chapter 1727 Bad Guys Started Plotting Again (Part Five)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7389

Updated: 2019-05-13 00:12

"What are you talking about? Dog eyes? Ha! It seems that you are not as polite as you claim to be, Annie An." Eugenia also got up from the chair with these words. She didn't want Annie to look at her in such a condescending way. And she didn't want to raise her head to look at Annie anymore.

"Well, spoken from a certified vicious woman. You should be the expert on that! Excuse me. I have something better to do than this kind of shit." Annie didn't think that she had anything else to say to Eugenia. And with that, she turned to leave.

"I heard that you have a daughter and a son. I am wondering, do they like playing games like hide and seek with their lovely mommy?" In truth, Eugenia didn't want to continue this conversation either. But she wasn't the type who would easily let an opponent like Annie go like this. She was the type of woman who always wanted to have the last word. That was why she casually and mildly threatened Annie in an indifferent tone.

"What do you mean?" Annie immediately turned around to look at Eugenia upon hearing her words? What did she mean? Was she threatening her with her kids? Did they send someone to do a close surveillance on them? Annie had a bad feeling about this all of a sudden.

"Nothing. It was just a friendly reminder. It is never easy to get into the Ke family and take our money, as you imagine." Eugenia tilted her head and looked at Annie with a smirk on her face. She felt happy when she saw a flicker of panic in Annie's eyes. But much to her disappointment, Annie quickly shook herself back into being calm and indifferent.

"I am not afraid to tell you this. I have no interest in your family's money at all. But if you dare to do anything to my kids, then I won't hesitate to make your company go bankrupt overnight, and I won't leave you a single cent," Annie said in a cold tone, gritting her teeth to contain her anger. Eugenia could say anything and do anything she wanted to her, but she could never do anything, not even lay her eyes on the ones she cared deeply about. If she did anything to her kids or Rain, Annie would surely make sure that she and the entire KD Group would pay for it.

"Keep bluffing. You can't do anything

bout their kids. Eugenia sounded serious about her threat and she became overly anxious and even paranoid at the possible things she could do to her family. Rain could tell that there was something bothering her.

"Annie, what are you thinking right now. You look so serious. Are you nervous because of the upcoming wedding ceremony?" Rain asked in a soft voice, putting his arms around Annie's waist from behind with his chin on her shoulder. He wondered what Annie was thinking right now. She couldn't wipe the frown off her face.

"No, I'm okay. Everything is fine. I am not nervous. You are a bit late tonight by the way," Annie scolded in a light tone to change the subject, turning around in his arms and looking at him with disapproving eyes.

"I was out with a client. I have sent you a text message. Didn't you see it?" There was a faint smell of alcohol coming off his breath and his neck. It was clear that he had quite a few drinks with the said client.

"I put my phone upstairs so I didn't see your message. Did you drive home by yourself? Even after drinking?" Annie couldn't help but furrow her eyebrows. She was never fond of the smell of alcohol, even if it was from her own husband.

"No, of course not. William drove me back. Why? Are you worried about me?" Rain couldn't help but put his forehead against hers and rubbed his nose with hers affectionately. He liked this. He liked that she was worried about him. He felt loved and cared about.

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