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   Chapter 1725 Bad Guys Started Plotting Again (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7326

Updated: 2019-05-12 05:40

"Is that so? I think you two are just pretending to be a couple. That ring isn't real, right? Everyone here in S City knows that Mr. Xia is the most eligible bachelor here. You can't fool me!" Eleanor was still in denial that a playboy like Rain would get married to someone like Annie. She had pondered and thought for a few days, and this was the explanation that she thought was the most believable. From what she had heard about Rain, he was never the type of man who would settle down. Besides, she didn't think that a woman like Annie would catch his eye, let alone marry him.

"He was the golden bachelor before. But not anymore. He is happily married now. Married to me. Certain people need to get over it and have some closure." Annie stared at Eleanor in the eye while saying it. If Eleanor made that assumption a week ago, she would have still been right. Because at that time, Annie and Rain weren't married yet and Rain was still the famous golden bachelor in the city. Rain had legally become her husband and the father of her two kids now.

"Ha ha ha! It looks like I truly underestimated you. You are something else, Annie An. You got Mr. Xia wrapped around your finger so easily," Eleanor snorted, jealousy evident in her voice. She just couldn't make peace with the fact that Annie was the one Rain loved and married. Now, all her previous plans had become dreams that would never come true. She felt frustrated that all her efforts had been in vain, but she just wouldn't want to admit defeat.

"Thank you." Annie didn't get angry at Eleanor's attitude. She just accepted her words as a nice compliment. She knew that Eleanor was just angry that she couldn't have Rain anymore. Besides, she was not in the mood to argue with such a vile and fake woman. She had better things to do. As far as she was concerned, Eleanor was a loser on so many levels.

"But don't be so sure of yourself, yet. Though Mr. Xia is married to you right now, it doesn't mean that you can have him forever. Nowadays, getting a divorce is just as common as getting a new pair of shoes. So be careful. He may fall in love with another woman one day and leave you like a wasted pile of leftovers

ngle person in that family with a good reputation. So Annie didn't want anything to do with them. To be honest, she did not even want to be in this meeting now.

"No. You are the one I wanted to see. Annie An, right? I heard that you got pregnant with that bastard, Rain's kids and had two, before you even got married. Am I right?" Eugenia glanced at Annie with disdain evident in her eyes. For her, Annie was just a small jewelry designer, nothing more. She had nothing to be afraid of. She wasn't rich nor famous, and she only had Rain behind her, which didn't amount to anything. That was the reason why she didn't care about her manners and the way she chose her words. She hated Rain, and of course she didn't like the woman who gave birth to Rain's kids either.

"Please be careful with your words. That's my husband you are talking about," Annie said in a stone cold tone. She was furious at Eugenia's attitude, but they were in a public place right now, so she didn't want to cause any drama. She hated it when anyone said any bad things about her husband or anyone she cared about. Who was this woman to call Rain a bastard?

"Ha! Funny. A shameless bitch asking me to be careful of my words. That's a first time." Eugenia kept saying these vicious and hurtful words to insult Annie and her family. Her behavior didn't fit in with the way she dressed or her status. To be honest, she was way more like the shameless bitch between the two of them.

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