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   Chapter 1723 Bad Guys Started Plotting Again (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7106

Updated: 2019-05-12 01:27

When Leena got to the army base, it was still early. She had thought of going to the military compound to visit the wives of the soldiers, but she finally decided against it. She was worried that she might stay too long and get delayed.

Every time she came to the army base, she could not help but respect the soldiers who sacrificed themselves for the country. She was very proud to meet them and get to know them. She was also proud that she, herself was also the wife of a soldier and thus felt some sort of affinity to them. That was why every time she came, she looked at everything and everyone with admiration.

But she didn't expect to immediately see Daisy. She ran into her even before she got to see her own husband.

"Leena, what are you doing here?" Daisy called out as she spotted Leena. Asking Mark to stop the car, Daisy got out with a pleasantly surprised look on her face. She wasn't expecting to see Leena here at the army base.

"Hello, Daisy. Are you off work?" Leena couldn't help but feel a bit embarrassed seeing Daisy. A faint but noticeable blush quickly appeared on her cheeks. Her ears also turned slightly red. She thought she could come and find Kevin without anyone knowing. But to her surprise, Daisy saw her from the car. A beautiful girl like her would be visible even from afar.

"Yeah. Why are you here? Are you here to pick Kevin up? It seems like you can't wait for him to come home, huh!" Daisy teased Leena with an elbow nudge and a playful smirk on her face. She could tell from Leena's sudden rosy cheeks that she was here to see Kevin, and that she must miss her husband that bad. That could be the only reason that she came here today. Leena just couldn't wait still at home for Kevin to get off work. She wanted to see him so badly that she decided to come to the army base to pick him up herself. This way, she could see him sooner.

"No! Of course not. I was just bored and had nothing else to do. Also, I am just out for a stroll. Nothing more." Daisy had seen through her but Leena still tried to explain defensively, the faint glow on her face becoming redder and more

esides, sometimes you just behave like one." Daisy couldn't help but roll her eyes fondly at Leena. She was still the precious little sister that everyone loved and spoiled. This while she already had a kid of her own. Nobody could ever deny that.

"Sis Daisy!" huffed Leena indignantly. She knew she was acting childish, but she just couldn't help it.

"All right, all right. I won't tease you anymore. I should get going. And you wait here for your husband. Good-bye!" Daisy said seriously and stopped teasing. She waved her hand and turned around to get back inside the car.

"Bye, Daisy! Be safe." Leena watched Daisy's car drive away. Then she let out a weak sigh, glad that the teasing was over. She then continued to patiently wait until her husband got off work.

From that time, the wait took quite a bit. Just when Leena thought that Kevin wouldn't come out, there he was, walking fast to his car with Lee trailing behind him, like Daisy said. When she saw Kevin's car drive out towards her, Leena was almost frozen to death. She didn't wait in the car as Daisy advised. Because she wanted to see Kevin as soon as he came out, she just stood outside the car the whole time. She could miss seeing Kevin if she just stayed inside.

"Major General, how come Leena is here?" Lee was surprised to see Leena there. He didn't expect to see the Major General's wife standing there waiting for her husband.

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