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   Chapter 1722 Let Her Go (Part Two)

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"Mmm! Thanks! Joyce and Huey are at school right now?" Leena raised her head to look around. Rain's villa was not strange to her, but she found that many things were new this time.

"Yeah! They'd raise a ruckus if they stayed home." Annie sat down opposite to Leena. They both were from well-off families, but Leena looked much quieter than Annie.

"That's right. I heard you registered for marriage. Congratulations! So when's the ceremony?" Leena congratulated Annie from the bottom of her heart. They were just like family.

"Thanks! But we haven't planned a wedding ceremony," Annie looked at her in confusion.

"Maybe Rain wants to surprise you! He told me to design a unique wedding dress for you," Leena said. She had never worn a wedding dress. She wasn't quite sure how she felt about that. Regret, maybe? But all her regrets could change into happiness as long as she was together with the person she loved.

"Really? You're a designer?" Annie asked. Still with a suspicious attitude, she could not believe what Leena had said.

"Hmm! Yeah, I'm coming here to measure you. Something wrong?" Leena could not help but burst into laughter. Then she opened the bag she took with her and took out a tape measure and a notebook.

"No one told me," Annie said. She thought they were only registering for marriage. After all, they had already had two kids. She hadn't expected that he would give her a spectacular wedding ceremony. She'd be lying if she said she wasn't surprised.

"That's exactly why I said that it would be a surprise! Annie, I need to measure you now," Leena said, walking towards Annie, tape measure in hand.

"Okay," Annie stood up to cooperate, with an expression of shyness on her face. She had thought that Leena was a full-time housewife, but she turned out to be a designer too. Same as her, only that they designed different things.

"Hmm... you're in good shape. Standard BWH ratios," Leena could not help but praise Annie after measuring her vital statistics to make sure to get the right fit. Even she herself didn't have such nice proportions.

"I think you're in better shape," Annie replied. Standing side by side, Annie was shorter than Leena by about half a head. That was inevitable, because Leena was almost 5'6, while Annie was only a hair over 5'3. But Annie was taller than Michelle by about one or two inches. In other words, Michelle was the shortest one among them.

"I'm only a little taller than you. But I think I'm getting fat," Leena said sadly. That was her sore spot. Since she had give

for Duke when they got married! They were beautiful. So I decided to have her work her magic on us. We shouldn't belittle her. After all, she is the brand designer of LN," Rain said, which he hadn't known in the beginning. Leena had hid that from everyone for some time.

"Really? She's that high-up, huh?!" Annie was so surprised that she opened her mouth. It was really shocking news for her, because LN had branched out into various fields, and their new products had always sold out in the shortest time, creating a legendary fairy tale in the fashion circles. Annie had never imagined that she'd ever get to meet a big name designer, much less a nice one like Leena.

"Yeah! She's excellent! That's why I asked her for help. She agreed to help because we know her. If someone else asked her to design a dress, she would probably blow them off. She's good to her friends," Rain said proudly. Although she had to look after Richard recently, her prestige had risen step by step. So Leena was a role model: a successful woman who neglected neither family nor career.

"Oh wow! I need to get her autograph!" Annie was more than a little excited.

"Come on! Are you kidding?!" Rain was left almost speechless, a rare event.

"If you enter our field one day, you will know how much we worship a talented designer," Annie was not exaggerating. As a designer who hadn't made it past the local scene, she was still inferior to a big brand like Leena's.

"Probably not, But it's fine with me. You don't understand my world, and I don't understand yours, either." Rain said, shaking his head. Fortunately Leena was a female. If she were a man, Rain would be sure to envy her because of Annie's admiration.

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