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   Chapter 1718 I Will Be With You As Long As You Want Me (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6096

Updated: 2019-05-11 01:13

"Re... Really? You are not pulling my leg? Am I going to be the lead actress, Mr. Xia?" Eleanor stuttered, somewhat surprised. She had feared that Rain would be unhappy with her, after witnessing the interaction between Annie and her. What she would never have expected was that he would offer her the chance to appear on the big screen. She was so happy that her eyes were shining with excitement.

Upon hearing Rain's words, Annie felt utterly confused. She turned to look at Rain with a muddled stare. She had no idea what he was trying to do. Why would he reward Eleanor, the woman who just insulted his babies' mother, with a chance to be on the big screen? She just couldn't understand.

"You are wrong, but not by much. You are not going to be the leading actress. You are playing her maid. I heard that it is a very difficult role. The main character likes to torture her maid. I was just wondering who I was going to choose to play that part, then I saw you! What a nice coincidence. Clearly, there is no one who is more suitable for that role than you. Besides, since you enjoy acting so much -- who am I to deny your desire to act? The role is yours. You are most welcome." Rain's tone was sarcastic and snarky. Eleanor really did overestimate her charms. Rain couldn't possibly dislike her more than he did at that moment. Who was she to insult the woman he loved like that? She was surely too arrogant for her own good.

"Ha ha!" Annie couldn't help but laugh out loud. She had thought that Rain was really giving Eleanor a chance to be famous. But it seemed that she was wrong. Rain was really something else. How did he come up with such a good idea to punish Eleanor so swiftly? Annie really couldn't figure it out.

Eleanor glared apoplectically at Annie upon hearing her laugh. If looks could kill,

hey are my family." Rain was never the type of man to hide his feelings. He was not afraid to show everyone that he was in love with Annie. It was the truth after all, and he shouldn't want to hide it. That was why Rain was being honest, and didn't mind others knowing about their relationship.

"Wh... what? What did you say? It... it can't be real! It shouldn't be! You are lying, right?" Eleanor was so shocked that she couldn't even stand on her own legs. Her body was shaking and it seemed that she was about to faint. Luckily, a nearby crew-member gave her a hand and steadied her so she didn't fall to the ground.

"Of course, I wasn't lying. Why can't it be real? Anyway, what is it to do with you, Miss Xiao? Huh?" Rage had now filtered into Rain's face and he smiled darkly, but the smile didn't reach his stone cold eyes. Eleanor was an insect caught in the glare of his hard stare.

"I would have known about it, if you were really married! You must be lying!" Eleanor continued protesting dumbly, totally confused. She couldn't believe her own ears. It was a huge mess. If Rain really was Annie's husband, then who was the man she saw with Annie last time? Eleanor couldn't think straight anymore.

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