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   Chapter 1717 I Will Be With You As Long As You Want Me (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7319

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"So, if you're fine with paying more, then I can tell my father to charge you even more." Edward said in a playful tone, though, he was just messing with Rain. Of course he wouldn't do that.

"What the hell, Edward? I am broke as fuck! Besides, now I have a wife and two kids to provide for! You just can't do that to me!" Rain whined aloud. Had he known that Edward might do this, he wouldn't have acted that he didn't care about money at all.

"Well, it's out of my hands. You'll have to discuss it with my father." Edward didn't lend any credence to Rain's complaints. He knew that Rain was a wealthy man. He earned more money at the FX International Group in a year, than most people earned in their whole life-time. He could easily afford to pay for professional bodyguards.

"Well, I don't dare to complain to your father." He knew how frightening Edward's father could be, and he would never seek to cross him. That would never happen.

"Then there is nothing I can do about it." Edward just shrugged helplessly with an indifferent look on his face, acting like there was really nothing he could do to help Rain.

"All right, all right, if that makes you happy. I have to go now. There are other matters that require my attention. And Edward, remember what I said." With these words and a small wave, Rain headed for the door and a mission of great importance to him.

"Where are you going?" Edward asked him with a knowing glint in his eyes.

"I'll tell you later, don't miss me too much." Rain replied over his shoulder without a backward glance, and then he was gone.

"What a cheeky bastard," Edward mumbled under his breath, feeling amused. Rain had a new lease on life, it seemed, but to be honest, Edward was really happy for his friend. For a moment longer Edward studied the door which Rain had disappeared through, then he picked up some reports and continued working.

Today they were filming the commercial outdoors, so Annie was weighed down by a big backpack loaded with jewelry samples and anything else that she might need. Despite it still being winter, Annie had a layer of sweat beading her brow. Shooting outdoors was really tiring.


eanor in place with an angry,. stone cold glare. Though he acted calm and collected, inside he fumed over Eleanor's attitude and words. He wouldn't stand for his wife-to-be being treated like dirt by some random and insignificant woman.

Annie hadn't expected Rain's arrival either; so, she felt unsure of how to react now. It was embarrassing for her that Rain was seeing her being treated so disrespectfully by a model. It was humiliating that it appeared like she couldn't deal with Eleanor herself, and needed Rain's help.

"Um. You... you misunderstood. It's just us girls teasing and bantering. It was a joke, really. Am I right, Miss An?" Eleanor's eyes pleaded with Annie for support and help out of this awful mess she was now in. But of course Annie wouldn't help her after her appalling attitude towards her. She just ignored Eleanor and pretended not to notice her silent appeal. Instead, she lowered her head and started sorting out the contents of the backpack.

"Well, it seems, Miss Xiao, that you really enjoy acting. If you like acting so much, then I have a golden opportunity for your skills. Our company just signed on the production of a new movie. There is a role in the flick that is quite suitable for you, in my opinion." Rain's tone was businesslike, but there was a cold mirth flickering in his eyes. Of course he wouldn't let this woman's insulting treatment of his beloved go unpunished. She would surely pay for her actions.

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