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   Chapter 1715 The Proposal (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6665

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"I'm not tired. It's a pleasure to take care of my kid. But I may need a good bath." Just like Edward, Rain too was a germophobe. He paid excessive attention to personal hygiene.

"Okay, go then." Annie avoided meeting his passionate gaze. She was overwhelmed by his enthusiasm tonight.

Rain lowered his head and planted a gentle kiss on Joyce's forehead, before turning around and leaving the room.

After he left, Annie glanced around the room with curiosity. The room had pink sheets, pink curtains and pink furniture. Everything was pink. It was the kind of room that appeared in the fantasies of every little girl who wished she was a princess.

Annie was struck by tangled feelings when she thought about starting their new life. Whether or not their life would be happy - Annie didn't know yet. But she should at least give it a try, not just for her sake but for the kids.

Rain finished with his shower and walked in Joyce's room, seeing that Annie had already fallen asleep by Joyce's side. Annie had been exhausted. She had been running around with the kids all day, and at night, Joyce had fallen ill. Annie's energy was consumed up. Fatigue got the better of her and she dozed off.

Rain picked her up in his arms silently and tucked her in beside Joyce. He sat on the chair beside the bed. Tom had said that Joyce would need extra attention during the night. Rain didn't dare go to sleep, fearing that Joyce might get feverish once again.

Next morning, Annie blinked open her eyes, feeling that something was amiss. Yes, it was the room that Joyce had stayed in last night. But where was Joyce? She was not beside her. Besides, why was she lying in bed? She didn't remember having gone to bed last night.

"Joyce! Joyce!" Annie got up and walked out of the room without even wearing her shoes.

As she walked toward the stairs, she heard joyful laughter coming from the dining room. The sound was familiar to her. It was indeed Joyce.

Doubtful, Annie wa

she could step on the floor, however, Rain gripped her arm. "Put on the shoes first," Rain said as he stood up with her and picked up a pair of cotton-padded shoes from somewhere.

"Thanks." Annie put on the shoes and pushed past his shoulder without turning around to look at him. She felt it would be dangerous if she stayed here for a second longer.

"Daddy, what's wrong with Mommy?" Joyce asked, her expression curious.

"Nothing. Your Mommy is just being shy." Rain grinned, no longer looking like a playboy. Instead, he had transformed into a loving family man.

"Oh! I see. Huh. Mommy is shy!" Joyce giggled, her shoulders hunched. Her mouth was covered by her hand in an attempt to be silent.

"Don't say it to her face. She would blush and get embarrassed." Rain was just learning how to get along with his daughter. He hoped that Joyce would accept him as her father in a short time. He recalled how Joyce had said once that she liked Fred more than him. Rain was determined to double up his efforts to win Joyce's heart.

After breakfast, Rain went to Annie's house. Joyce had not completely recovered and Annie had to stay back to look after her. Rain needed to pick up some essentials for them from Annie's house. As for the rest of the stuff, Rain planned to move it all to his house some days later.

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