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   Chapter 1714 The Proposal (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6679

Updated: 2019-05-11 00:35

"If you keep asking me that question, I will probably change my mind." Annie was shy about saying a straightforward yes, but Rain wasn't getting the hint. He kept trying to force an answer out of her. It was beyond annoying.

"Really? Annie, I must be the happiest man in the world right now," Rain said loudly in excitement. Rain lifted her to his chest and spun her around.

"Shush! Be quiet. Don't wake Joyce up!" Annie shushed him with a forefinger to his lips, throwing a quick look at Joyce. She was satisfied to see that they hadn't disturbed Joyce in her sleep.

"Don't worry. The fever just went down. She must be sound asleep." Rain lowered his head and leaned closer to Annie. She could feel the warm breath coming from him.

Only a second before Rain could taste her luscious lips, a perfunctory cough broke the silence.

"Excuse me! Sorry, I didn't barge in on purpose and disturb your private moment. I just wanted to check if Joyce's fever is gone." Tom gulped as Rain glared at him. He forced a smile and went to Joyce's bedside.

Rain gritted his teeth. Tom was shameless enough to say that interrupting them was not his intention, that jerk! He could have private moments with his wife whenever he wanted, but Rain was a single man. He finally got the chance to kiss his girl but lo and behold, Tom just popped out from nowhere at the critical moment! If he truly didn't want to disturb them, he could have ignored them and quietly walked away. But instead, he made the sound just to startle the couple. Rain could tell from the sheer amusement on Tom's face that he had been fibbing. He just wanted to annoy Rain.

"She's all right. The fever is down. I prescribed some medicines for her. You must remember to give them to her on time. I have also prescribed her an anti-pyretic. Give it to her when her temperature gets over 38.5. Clear?" Tom babbled on, dodging Rain's pointed, burning gaze. It could have combusted him on spot. 'Huh, does he really need to be s

relief. She could rest well now.

"When did you prepare all this?" It never occurred to Annie that he would have set up rooms for the kids. She was moved by his actions.

"It was when I got to know they are my kids. I wanted us to reunite one day, so I asked the designer to plan the kids' rooms and decorate them. It was all very quick. All work was done within one week." Rain smiled plaintively. Unfortunately, he had been turned down by Annie last time. But his efforts weren't in vain. The kids would live in their new rooms now that their family was reunited. It was a happy ending.

"Thank you! Don't say I shouldn't be thankful. I mean it. I want to express my gratitude to you." Annie's eyes reddened. Who didn't want to be cherished like this? Rain had been so generous to them.

"Silly girl. We're family. Don't say thank you to me ever again. I'll forgive you for now, but just this once." Rain shushed her with his forefinger. He focused his eyes on her intently, his gaze full of affection. The deep love that had been kept locked up in his heart for so many years seemed to surge up.

"You should go and take a shower. Take some rest. I can stay with Joyce." Annie assumed that he was exhausted after his journey in the flight. He had been beside Joyce, taking care of her in the hospital for so long too.

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