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   Chapter 1713 The Proposal (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6036

Updated: 2019-05-11 00:25

"Mommy, I feel sick," Joyce cried out softly. The pain caused by the high fever was becoming unbearable to her.

"Don't worry, Joyce, you will be fine soon. Just take a good rest. When you wake up, I promise you will feel better, sweetheart," Annie murmured gently as she patted Joyce on her back in an attempt to console her.

Rain came over and put the back of his hand on Joyce's forehead to gauge her temperature. It didn't feel as hot as before. The fever seemed to have reduced.

"She'll sleep well. The fever is almost gone. We can go home after a while," Rain said as he smoothed down Annie's messy hair. She had rushed over to the hospital in such a hurry that she didn't have time to put on a coat or comb her hair. Fortunately, the room was equipped with a heater, so Rain didn't need to worry that she might catch a cold.

"Okay." Annie turned her head to the side timidly, avoiding his touch. She was embarrassed by how she had lost control of her emotions and thrown a tantrum at him just moments ago.

"Bring Joyce to my place later. I will send someone to pick up Huey in the morning, all right?" Rain suggested, feeling uneasy. He feared that Annie would refuse his offer once again.

"I…" Annie was caught in a dilemma. She didn't want to agree, as she somehow felt that there was no valid reason for her to stay over at his place. She was not his legal wife. If she refused, there would be little chance that they would be together again. It was a difficult and momentous choice that would decide their fate together.

"Annie, I know what you are concerned about. You are not secure around me because I used to be a womanizer. But I've changed, Annie. I promise you, from now on, I will only love you and the kids. No one else holds a place in my heart. Just give me a ch

nie pouted, looking unhappy. She was the daughter of the British C Financial Group's CEO and had always lived a luxurious life. If it were not for Rain, she would not have left her comfortable home and traveled this far. She was a girl born with a silver spoon in her mouth and was easily hurt when someone talked to her harshly. That way, she could be very obstinate.

"Okay, I promise." As long as she was willing to marry him, Rain would do whatever she wanted. Even if she asked him to slap himself, he would relent!

"Get up. You look so stupid down there." Annie didn't think it was possible for her to forget Rain in this lifetime. She wanted to give their relationship another chance. They might not have a perfect ending, but at the very least, they would make some beautiful memories together. She was just being realistic, not cynical. In these times, it was not uncommon for a marriage to break. Rain had always been a playboy. Today, he might feel as if he loved her so much that he couldn't live without her. But tomorrow, he might feel the same about another woman.

"Then it's a yes?" Rain asked his idiotic question again. His IQ must have fallen to zero because he was so in love.

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