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   Chapter 1708 Confess Everything (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6473

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Rain pressed the elevator button and waited. When the door opened, he frowned. Fred walked out of it, with a surprised look on his face. They weren't expecting to see each other at Annie's place at such an hour.

"Mr. Xia, what a coincidence. Are you also here to visit the kids?" Fred asked with a casual smile as if Rain was, by no means, a threat to him.

Rain was in no mood to exchange pleasantries with him. "It's late. What brings you here, Mr. Chen?" Compared to Fred's enthusiasm, Rain's voice sounded cold.

"Well, it's not that late. We often meet at this time." Fred ignored Rain's reproachful tone. He kept his voice cheerful, trying to show off how decent he was, unlike Rain, who seemed narrow-minded.

"Oh, do you? I forgot that you guys were close. Well, have a nice time," Rain said with a bitter smile and walked into the elevator. He pressed the button and left without hesitation.

Fred snorted in smug satisfaction and walked swiftly to Annie's door and knocked.

Annie had just asked the children to take a shower when she heard the knock on the door. She ran excitedly to open it. She assumed that Rain had come back. She threw the door open quickly, but her smile froze when she saw that it wasn't Rain.

"Why do you look so terrified after seeing me?" Fred noticed the smile on her face disappearing in a flash. He could tell that she was expecting someone else at the door instead of him.

Annie wasn't terrified. She was just disappointed. She forced a smile and said, "Come on in. What brings you here at this hour?"

Fred walked in and asked, "Where are the kids? Have they slept already?" He was surprised that Joyce and Huey were not around. They usually got excited when they heard his voice. But today was somehow different.

"Not yet. They are taking a shower. They just came back home." Annie poured him a glass of water and put it down on the table in front of him. She was fe

long Fred would stay at Annie's. He snorted when Fred left only a few minutes later. Rain drove away without a word as he already had the answer he was looking for.

Time flew by and a whole week passed in an instant. It was Saturday, and just as Annie had expected, the kids were not interested in the show. So she turned down Fred's offer. But the kids were into the idea of having a picnic. So they took off to the countryside on Sunday morning.

"Mommy, don't we need to take a tent for the picnic?" Joyce was a fun-loving kid and she had a keen interest in everything new.

"No sweetie. We are having a picnic, not a camp," Annie answered. She was looking out the window and enjoying the landscape alongside the road.

"Oh... I thought we will be having a tent." The little girl pouted, her little lips turning upside down.

"Joyce, do you want a tent? We can get one later," Fred comforted her when he saw her sad face in the rear view mirror.

"Really, Uncle Fred?" Joyce's eyes popped out in excitement once again. She felt like she was the happiest kid in the world at that moment.

"Of course, I would never lie to you!" Fred said. He was relieved that he had already prepared a tent in advance. She would be surprised if he pulled out the tent at the picnic spot.

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