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   Chapter 1707 Confess Everything (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6294

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Huey rolled his eyes at his little sister and thought, 'Didn't Joyce once say that she loved Uncle Fred the most?' It was just so typical of girls- they were capricious, no matter how young or old they were.

Since Rain had missed most of their childhood, he didn't know much about their eating habits. He had no idea what they liked, so he asked the chef to prepare all sorts of food for his kids to choose from. He honestly wished all kids were like Justin, who was such a foodie, and by no means, a fussy eater. Rain was planning to visit Daisy and ask her to share her experience of raising a kid.

When Joyce saw the extravagant food, her eyes slowly filled with tears of disappointment. "Humph! These are all food that Huey likes. There is nothing that I want here!" The little girl cried as she looked at all the dishes and didn't find any of her favorite food on the table.

Rain's eyes popped out when he saw her eyes fill with tears. He rushed to her side immediately and said, "Joyce! I'm sorry! I am so sorry! I didn't know what your favorite foods were, so I asked the chef to prepare all kinds of food for you. But I didn't think that you had different dishes in mind. And I didn't mean to favor your brother either." Rain panicked when he saw that she wouldn't stop crying.

"No! That's not true! You must be mad at me because I said I liked Uncle Fred more," she sniffed and wrinkled her tiny nose. Joyce was stubborn and spoiled because her mother and brother always put up with her. She was nothing like her brother, who was way too mature for his age. They had completely opposite characters.

Rain's heart ached to hear his beloved daughter accuse him of favoring her brother. Rain smiled bitterly and scooped his little girl up in his arms gently.

"I don't care if you like someone else more, Joyce. You will forever be my little princess, no matte

ome in and get some rest?"

"I'm okay. The kids are tired. Let them go to bed early tonight," Rain said, with a stolid face. It was hard to tell what kind of emotions he was going through at that moment.

"Fine. Drive safe," said Annie. Disappointment was laced in her voice as she hadn't expected that Rain would turn her down.

"Thank you," he said to her and then smiled at his kids, "See you around, you little monkeys." He waved good-bye to them, and ignored Annie's pale face.

"Goodbye, Daddy!" they said together. Rain was reluctant about leaving. He had such a great day with the kids, it was pure bliss. He didn't feel like going home without them. Kids had pure hearts - as long as you cherished them, they'd love you with all their heart. There was no place for hatred and ego in them.

Annie watched him turn around and leave. She had the urge to stop him, to ask him to stay. But as Rain closed the door behind him, Annie knew it was too late.

Rain fought the urge to look back too and quickly walked away. No one knew how much Rain wanted to hold Annie in his arms when he saw her sad, pale face. But he was too proud to expose his soft side to others and so was Annie. That was the reason why they were at this point in life.

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