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   Chapter 1706 Happy Hour For Dad And The Kids (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7386

Updated: 2019-05-10 00:25

"Joyce! Over here, my little princess!" Rain saw Joyce too. She indeed looked like a princess in the crowd when she came out with other kids. She was no doubt Rain's daughter. Judging by the number of girls surrounding her as she walked out the gate, she had become so popular at such a young age.

"Daddy." Joyce was also very happy to see Rain. She left her friends behind and ran towards her father excitedly, forgetting completely what she had said yesterday.

"Oh, oh, oh, slowly. Don't fall down." Rain put Huey down and held out his hand to the little girl who had jumped to cling to him.

"Where's Mommy? I don't see her anywhere. Didn't she come with you?" The girl soon noticed it. She tilted her head and asked in a confused tone.

"Mommy is still at work. So Daddy will play with you today, okay? Don't you two want that? Just us three hanging out?" Rain lulled Joyce carefully. Somehow he felt that Joyce was more difficult to get along with than her brother Huey.

"But, if we stay with you, won't Mommy get mad and disappear forever? She won't abandon us?" A child's words sometimes hurt the most, because they were readily blunt and didn't really know how to sugarcoat words. There was a moment when Rain paled. But soon he adjusted himself.

"No, of course not. What are you talking about? I'll drive you back to Mommy's place after dinner. So no, there is no way that Mommy will abandon you. I promise!" Rain thought that his baby girl might have said it subconsciously to hurt him, and he thought he was ready for that. But when he heard it in reality, he still couldn't help feeling a pinch in his heart.

"Really? That's great! Huey, did you hear? We are having dinner with Daddy. Isn't it great?" Joyce forgot things quickly. As soon as she heard Rain's words of reassurance, she became relaxed and delighted.

"Yes! So, where are we going, Daddy?" No matter where Rain took them, Huey was happy as long as he could spend time with his father.

"Let's go to my place, okay? Would you like that?" In order to accommodate them in his house and make sure that they were comfortable there, Rain had hired some servants such as a chef and a steward to look after Joyce and

worry for her mother was completely gone now. They might have even forgotten about her at that moment. Rain was right. If he wanted them to accept him as their father from the bottom of their hearts, he had to try hard to wholeheartedly love them first.

They played happily in the garden before they could even enter the house. Hanging out with his children, Rain felt like he had returned to the good old days when he was young and innocent. Although he and his mother had not lived a wealthy life, he felt that every day was full of hopes and dreams. He knew that there was going to be sunshine as long as he stayed with his mother. Those were the good old days.

Finally, they stopped after quite some time, feeling a bit tired. A big boy, a little boy and a little girl lay on the grass, looking at the faint glow of the sky as the sun had set somewhere far away. It just looked so beautiful, just like a painting.

"Daddy, can we come here again later? And again, and again, and again?" Joyce had completely forgotten that she had once said Fred was her favorite but not her Daddy, Rain.

"Of course you can. You can come here anytime you want." He had everything built for them and what he wanted the most was for them to visit all the time. If only they could already live here.

"Really? Wow! Daddy, I like you so much," the little girl said happily. She sat up and kissed Rain at his face loudly. Then the garden echoed with a lovely peal of laughter.

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