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   Chapter 1705 Happy Hour For Dad And The Kids (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6789

Updated: 2019-05-09 01:30

"Oh my god! Are you jealous of that? You are even more childish than Spencer. I thought he was the only baby in this family!" Standing opposite him, Belinda reached out to straighten his crooked tie.

"Haven't you heard of the saying? Love makes people childish," Duke said and lowered his head. There were only a few inches between their faces. He could steal a kiss on her lips if he bent forward a bit more.

"Yeah, you're right. You know something? Probably your IQ is even lower than Richard at this time." Belinda thought that her son Spencer was much smarter compared with Duke, Spencer's father at the moment. When it came to mental age, Duke was behind by a mile, seemingly much naiver than the little cute Richard who was just a toddler.

"Hey, honey. Don't you think that your metaphor is a bit unpleasant and out of place while we're enjoying a tender moment here?" Duke felt a bit frustrated. The romantic atmosphere he had tried hard to create had immediately dissolved into thin air, thanks to her withering sarcasm.

"The tender moment only applies to you, not to me. All right. Now that you are here, take the chair at the meeting for me, please. I'd like to go and see Leena so would you, please?" Belinda had grown more exhausted taking care of the company's affairs and activities. She especially hated those standard routines and time killers such as meetings. If she had her way, she would reduce the meetings to once a week. Duke's arrival would free her from that burdensome daily affair.

"I am so sorry but I am going to have to refuse that. There's a brutal reality you have to face, that I just came here for a particular file, not to save your ass from a task that you hate. So, I'm afraid you need to take care of the meeting yourself," Duke said and walked directly to the desk. He bent over to check the file he had left here a few days ago. As a matter of fact, he could have sent Janice to fetch it for him. But he eventually decided to come here in person in order to see his beloved wif

ery time he was in his father's arms.

"Where's your sister? I haven't seen her." Rain craned his neck to see who else was coming out of the gate but did not find his little girl.

"She has short legs, so she walks slowly," Huey said in a sympathetic tone. Actually, that was not the case. The truth was that Joyce had made a few friends when she became a member of the class. She was saying goodbye to them now.

"Hey, Huey. Can I talk to you about something?" Suddenly, Rain looked at Huey with serious eyes.

"Sure, what's that, Daddy?" Huey became a bit uneasy. It seemed that his father was about to tell him something that he wasn't ready to talk about.

"I need you to do me a favor. In the future, wherever you go, you need to wait for your sister and stay with her at all times. You are the man between you two, right? You have the responsibility to take care of her as the stronger one. Don't you agree?" Rain explained gently and patiently, hoping that his son would come to know the responsibility as a young man.

"Yes, Daddy, you are right. I'll keep it in mind. Hey look, it's Joyce!" Huey felt it was a bit unfair that his father asked him to do that. He was a bit jealous of his sister because now, both their mom and dad told him to take care of her. He just didn't feel it was his job to babysit his annoying twin sister.

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