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   Chapter 1704 Happy Hour For Dad And The Kids (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7076

Updated: 2019-05-09 01:01

"Sorry. I am busy and I have some important work to deal with." What Annie said could not be more obvious. She was implying that Eleanor should go away now.

"Keep what you said today in mind. Humph!" Eleanor sneered at her with a disdainful look. Then she turned around and left arrogantly, being confident that her message was delivered and her warning was heard.

After Eleanor left, Annie felt so upset that she threw her pen on the table. 'That bitch! How shameless she is! Rain has never admitted that she is his girlfriend. Even if he did, why would she come over and brag to me in my face? I have nothing to do with their business!' Annie was simmering with rage.

She took a deep breath to suppress her anger. Because of what happened, she felt like she lost her motivation to work hard. So she just kept sitting on the chair, staring blankly at the wall.

Belinda knocked on the open door, trying to get Annie's attention. However, the latter did not come to herself, lost deep in her blank thoughts. So Belinda just walked in with a smiling face.

"Annie, are you okay? Annie." Belinda frowned and couldn't help wondering what she was thinking about. She seemed to be utterly lost in her mind. She had left work early yesterday. Was she bothered by something?

"Oh! Belinda, it's you! I'm sorry." Annie raised the corners of her mouth and a faint smile appeared on her face.

"Was that Eleanor? What did she come here for? Jeez! Did she come to you just to pick up a fight again?!" Belinda could ascertain that Eleanor came to find fault with Annie as long as she appeared in the company.

"Oh, no. She was just complaining a bit. Nothing serious. I can handle it." Annie smiled bitterly. People would not cherish things until those things were taken away from them. That was exactly what was happening to her now.

"You have to be strong and never back down when dealing with arrogant people like her. Otherwise, she would think that you are weak and she would keep bullying you. 'Bully the weak and fear the strong' is one of their life mottos." Belinda hated these kinds of people t

ny, in the quickest and most efficient way possible. Wasting his time was just too costly to him.

"Yes, you are right. That's exactly why I feel sorry for Rain. I should have done nothing." Belinda felt that her strength was drained all of sudden. She leaned towards Duke naturally.

"Then, don't do that again." Duke reached out to hold her by her waist and led her towards the President's office.

"But I did it for their sake! Not for me. I'm really worried about them. Actually, they can end up with a happy marriage only if they have an honest heart-to-heart conversation. But their communications are always in a deadlock. No one is going to give in." Belinda had an impatient disposition. It was just such a pain seeing the two struggling without any sign of resolution.

"That's their business. And since they, themselves created this mess, they deserve it." In Duke's opinion, a woman's coquetry was acceptable. But when she had gone too far, she would only annoy the hell out of people.

"Haha! Are you sure you're Rain's friend?" Belinda giggled. Where did his strange theory come from? She seemed to be more on Rain's side, though.

"Oh wow, look at my wife, thinking about my friend's private life all day. Do you think I would be happy with that?" Duke rolled his eyes at her helplessly. He felt like that his own wife had gotten too keen on the relationship between Rain and Annie.

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