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   Chapter 1703 Any Importance (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6961

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Annie didn't leave the cafe until more than an hour later. She had been thinking the whole time since Rain left. She had meant to tell Rain that she had agreed to move into his house together with the kids in order to see how they would get along with one another. Never had she expected all his vicious blow though. She hadn't even been given a chance to talk.

She made a call to YS Group and advised that she would be absent for the afternoon. Her heart was aching too much and she didn't think that she could work properly with how emotionally drained she was. Rather, she drove straight back home.

"Mommy, you're back. Why are you home so early today?" Both the kids were very happy to see her because she generally had only a little time to be with them. They had used to be together with the housekeeper for most of the time back when they had been in Phuket.

"Because you're going to kindergarten tomorrow! I want to play with you before you guys get busy," Annie answered. She had been working on making the kids familiar with S City. She believed that it was time for them to meet new friends.

"Really? Yey! We can meet new teachers and new friends tomorrow!" Joyce was quite happy to hear what her mother said. She was so giggling and it was easy to see that she wasn't even affected by all the things that had happened to them recently.

"Hmm! Are you happy?" Annie stroked her daughter's hair and forced a smile on her lips.

"Of course I am! It's boring at home," Joyce answered. Children always like being together with as many people as possible.

"Mommy, are we staying here in S City for good?" However, Huey was not so happy as Joyce. He had always been maturer than his sister and could read through situations well.

"No. We will probably go back to Phuket after the Spring Festival. Why? Do you want us to stay here?" Annie's eyes went milder as she stared at Huey. Huey looked exactly like Rain and looking at her son usually gave Annie the feeling that she was looking at Rain.

"I want it here because daddy is here!" Huey said. His

Tell me! What's your real relationship with Rain? Why does your son look so like him?" Eleanor asked vulgarly. The manner she pushed Annie verbally made her look far from the star she was.

"I'm entitled of my own privacy and you don't have any say with that," Annie said with a cold smile. She suddenly thought that letting Eleanor wear her designs would be a great insult to her art.

"Why don't I have the right? Rain is the one I want to marry. How could that have nothing to do with me?" Eleanor said and thought, 'Since you're married, you should help your husband and bring up your children. Why are you even fighting for Rain?'

"It's your life and that's none of my business. If you feel that I'm stopping you, oh please stop worrying. As you can see, I have a happy family," Annie told a lie in order to escape from Eleanor's inquiry. However, she should have chosen to be more domineering by telling her that Rain was indeed the father of her children. She was curious anyway of what Eleanor would say if ever she found out about that fact.

"That couldn't be better. You should know that Rain will finally be my man. Thus, you'd better not attempt to play any trick if you're wise enough," said Eleanor. What Annie said made her feel relieved. Even if Annie had Rain's children as she guessed, Annie was married to another man. Therefore, she wasn't of any importance.

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