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   Chapter 1702 Any Importance (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7284

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"Of course you can give yours. I only gave my opinion. You can contradict me anytime you want," Rain never stopped looking at her face since he sat there. She had become pale but he didn't think too much about it. She probably didn't like what he just said, thus, he had to get his chest ready for another blow.

"It's quite impractical to let you see them at any time you want. You see, we both often have some things to do. I think it would be better to define a regular schedule for the kids. Let's say once a week?" Annie wet her lips unconsciously after she talked. 'That is it! Rain is only after the kids!' she thought.

"Okay. I'm taking what I said back. I'm not going to demand 'anytime I want' anymore. However, don't you think that once a week is too harsh for me? Let's adjust it and make it twice a week. What do you think?" Rain said his words as if he was debating for a business proposal. He had already reached his rock bottom and was ready to let her go. It wouldn't make sense to keep her into something she wouldn't be happy about anyway. Regardless of how long he had been loving her, doing so would only be a waste of time. He just wanted to let her go as fast he could.

"Fine if that's what is convenient for you. However, I have to remind you that we will only stay here in S City for more or less three months. We will be back to living abroad after this. Are you sure that you can keep seeing them twice on that setup?" Annie's words sounded a bit defiant. His casual retreat hit her heart really bad, thus, she felt a need to defend herself. What he had said made her as indifferent as he was since she didn't want to look pitiful.

"Please know that I will not give up any of my right to love my kids no matter what," Rain raised his chin with pride and looked down at her. His expression was still blank when he added, "By the way, thank you for introducing me to the kids as their father. Please forgive me for all the financial damages they have caused you since I didn't know about them before. Anyway, I will be starting with my duties to them from this point and will be paying for the alimony." It was obvious that he had already planne

prove her value if she really wanted to work together with him.

"Eeeek! That... I haven't finished it yet," Tiana stuck her tongue out and thought, 'Damn it. I kicked an iron plate!'

"Then make yourself busy with it! You might as well do that rather than poke your nose on things that are not your business!" Rain didn't want his private affairs to be known by the Ke Family, including Tiana.

"Yeah! But Rain, is that kid actually your son?" Nevertheless, Tiana was unwilling to give up. She badly needed to hear what her brother got to say since she had been restraining her curiosity for a whole night and a whole morning now.

"Aren't you supposed to go now? Fine, Tiana! You are not allowed to work at KD Group anymore," Rain scolded her harshly. His stare on her went even colder than how it had been earlier.

"No! Don't say that! I'm going to do that market research now!" Tiana left the room unwillingly. Her disappointment was showing on her face since she hadn't found anything.

Meanwhile, a slight smile escaped from Rain's lips the moment he was left alone. He rarely smiled because of his family. However, he felt different for Tiana as his sister was the only one in the Ke Family who could make him happy. He was aware of how Tiana had stood by him during the years that he was going against all the members of the Ke Family. He might be reluctant of sharing things with her but still, Tiana was someone he trusted most.

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