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   Chapter 1701 Any Importance (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7174

Updated: 2019-05-09 01:01

Rain didn't wake up until noon time came. His mind was still in a whirl since he had drunk too much last night.

His hand moved to blindly find his cellphone which seemed to be lost somewhere in his bed. However, he didn't expect to see its battery drained. Frustrated, he threw it back onto the bed forcefully and staggered to the bathroom.

His knees were wobbly when he reached the wash area. A few seconds after and he was already looking at the gaunt face that was staring back at him from the mirror. He couldn't help but doubt if the man he was seeing was him. His reflection was just too far from the lively and high-spirited self he had always known.

'Annie, this is the last time that I'm allowing you to hurt me this much. From now on, I will go back to the life I had before you came. You have made me realize how worthless I am to you. Since you don't value me, I will put myself higher than you could ever reach. You can't hurt me anymore, Annie. I will not give you the chance to do it anymore,' he thought.

There had been a lot of changes with Rain's perspective since last night. He was eager to live together with his children but he knew clearly that they loved their mother more than him. He would not be so cruel as to take them away from Annie by force. However, he hoped to at least have access to his kids. Thus, he called Annie right after he took a shower.

"Hello, Rain?" asked Annie as soon as she picked the phone up. She was a bit surprised to receive a call from him this early. Edward had said that Rain had drunk too much last night, thus, she thought that he was still asleep.

"Yes, it's me. Are you free today? I want to have a talk with you," Rain said in an unusually apathetic tone. He had controlled himself quite well that his voice came out cold and dry without any trace of emotions at all.

"How about we meet after an hour?" Annie checked her wristwatch. Little did Rain know that she was dying to talk with him too.

"I'm okay whenever you're free. Decide which place is most convenient to you," Rain said in a polite tone. However, the courteousness that he showed stung Annie's

nd what you mean," Annie's voice trembled upon hearing what he said. She wasn't used to seeing him like this and his presence was making her anxious.

"Huey and Joyce are my children regardless of whatever is between us. I won't insist on making you live with me anymore since you refused it. However, I want to have the rights to see my kids anytime I want." A bitter smile cracked Rain's lips as he stared at her. God knew that he was trying to be as reasonable as he could. He was only proposing his idea to her after all. As always, the final call would still depend on what Annie would say.

Flustered, Annie wasn't able to open her mouth and just gazed at him blankly. She thought, 'What does that mean? Is he giving up on us?'

"Is it that hard to respond to my conditions, Annie?" it was Rain who broke the sudden tension that suddenly filled the space between them. Her silence made him frown a bit. 'You can't be this selfish to me, right?' his mind silently sighed.

"No, but can I give my opinion?" Annie was able to recover herself and evaded his stare. She had been told that he had fallen in love with her. Furthermore, she had also been told that this man had never experienced at least a day of happiness without her. It seemed that those were just empty rumors and nothing more. He shouldn't be giving up this easy if those were true, right? She didn't think that Rain's reactions were making sense at all.

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