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   Chapter 1698 Anyone But Her (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6450

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"How could you! You ARE of my kind! How could you call yourself a pervert?" Edward feigned seriousness and said. Then, before Daisy knew it, his mouth pressed lightly on the edge of Daisy's ear, sending uncontrollable vibrations up and down her spine. After that, he pulled away from her, and looked at his wife with a devilish smile. He lifted up his hand and placed a finger over her lips.

Daisy's mouth twitched. 'God damn it! Don't try to lump me in with you!' Daisy thought, quite ruffled. Without a second thought, she opened her mouth wide and bit Edward's finger.

"Ouch! It really hurts, lady! What are you? A dog or what? Hey, okay stop! Let go now, baby," Edward exclaimed, stamping his feet. But no matter how desperately he struggled, Daisy showed no intention of letting go. Daisy enjoyed his torment. She then proceeded to nibble on Edward's finger, sucking and licking it like a lollipop. She looked at Edward suggestively, her eyes shining with excitement.

"Did I say let go? I take it back, please continue. You have no idea what this looks like to me," Edward said with a smirk. He was very much aroused now at what Daisy was doing, even more so by the looks she threw at him.

At first Daisy didn't understand. She stopped and thought fast without letting go. But the moment she realized what he was thinking, she spat out his finger. To further express her disgust, she spat over the side before lashing out at him, "You filthy pervert! I can't believe that you think this way!"

"It wasn't my fault! You were the one acting all sexy!" Edward said defensively, bowing his head like a scolded child. 'Typical!' he lamented to himself. 'Women like her would always do this! I don't understand why she has to lure me into a dead end. Ahh, this is driving me crazy!'

"Why won't you just admit that you're the one who has a dirty mind? It takes a vulgar person to talk and think dirty!" Daisy retorte

not very eager to be reconciled to Rain. Duke wasn't surprised. After all, it was quite normal if their relationship went cold after so many years apart.

"Shut up. Don't be a wet blanket, dude. Let's talk about anything else but her," Rain said. He raised his glass in the air. "I propose a toast!" Rain cheered. But Duke's words had gotten to him, especially when he heard Annie's name. Her return was like a stab in the chest. While she was away, he could still dream about meeting her once again. But now that she was here, and seemingly with another man, he felt as if his heart had shattered into a million pieces. At this point, he had completely lost all hope.

"You shouldn't keep running away from your problems, Rain, I'm sure you're aware that Fred is in S City. There's no way he'd go out of his way to attend some small-time talent show. It's pretty obvious what or who he's really here for," Edward said. He took a sip from his glass, looking intently at Rain to see how he would react.

"And so? Why should I care?" Rain forced a smile. 'Tch. Of course they'd side with Fred. He looks more of a family man than I'll ever be,' Rain thought, a wave of pain running through his chest. He filled up his glass and lifted it to his mouth, emptying it with one swift gulp.

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