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   Chapter 1697 Anyone But Her (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6094

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"Miss, there's a saying that barkers are not biters. If you're done talking nonsense, can you please get out of our way?" Fred said sternly. Eleanor stood there, dumbfounded. Fred eyed Eleanor with resentment when he saw that Annie was starting to get uncomfortable.

"Mommy..." Joyce called out as she tugged on Annie, clinging to her closer out of fear.

"Let's go, Joyce," Annie said softly, patting her lightly on the head. She took her daughter's hand and walked past Eleanor while she was still distracted.

As Annie brushed past her shoulder, Eleanor finally came to her senses. "Wait! So, does this child have anything to do with Rain?" she said, calling grumpily after Annie.

"Sorry, but I have nothing to say about that," Annie answered, not even bothering to look back. Eleanor took a step to follow Annie, but was stopped by Fred who already had his hand firmly on her shoulder. He shook his head, implying that she should just leave them alone. He then turned and caught up with Annie.

"Damn it!" Eleanor said through clenched teeth. She frowned as she looked at them walking farther away -- her suspicions grew along with Annie's denial and evasion.

"Miss Xiao, I'll... get along now. Excuse me," Tiana said. She, too, was in shock. There was a strong, undeniable resemblance between Annie's son and Rain. Her thoughts raced as she tried to take everything in. She needed to calm down and think about the explanation, one that was reasonable enough to explain the relationship between them.

"Alright..." Eleanor mumbled. Tiana went on her way. When she was out of sight, Eleanor slumped down on the seat. It was a real blow to the chest for her -- like she had already lost the game before it even started. She could barely deny it to herself anymore; just moments before, she had thought

ourself, I'll get a few pretty young girls to come and take care of me without any guilt," Edward teased while drawing the coat closer around him. He then wrapped his arms around Daisy's waist and pulled her close to him. But his eyes were fixed meaningfully on Daisy's rosy lips, which were pursed out of displeasure and jealousy.

"Only a few? Are you sure that's enough for you? I bet your insatiable appetite won't be satisfied unless you get dozens of them!" Daisy sneered, squinting her eyes at Edward. 'So you think I'm not pretty now, eh? Am I getting too old for you now?' she thought to herself.

"Looks like our Senior Colonel quite approves of my capacity in...that regard?" Edward whispered in her ear, a mischievous smile forming on his lips. He pretended not to notice Daisy's slightly bitter tone. He had found it quite amusing to tease her with this sort of stuff.

"I'm sorry, but I am never one of those perverts, so I don't know anything about capacities and the like. Go and ask people of your kind!" she snapped. 'What a sleazy man!' Daisy thought in disbelief. 'How can you say things like that so freely?' Although she was getting really a bit annoyed, she still couldn't help blushing.

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