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   Chapter 1696 A Fuss (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8006

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"So, you are Mr. Xia's sister?" Eleanor asked in surprise. She thought that Tiana was Rain's girlfriend. It turned out that she was wrong. She was thrilled. Being close to Tiana would be as good as being close to Rain. She didn't even care that Tiana and Rain had different last names.

"Yes, I am," Tiana replied while peeking sideways at Rain. He had never admitted that they were siblings to anyone.

"Just eat. I don't like people who talk too much." In Rain's eyes, Tiana was too naive to realize Eleanor's intention. Thus, he urged his sister to stop talking even before Eleanor could inquire more.

"Oh." Seeing Rain's long face, Tiana shut her mouth and gave Eleanor an awkward smile. She didn't dare to offend him as he was by no means a kindhearted man. All the Ke family members knew it clearly.

"Mr. Xia, I heard the casting of the new TV series is in progress. May I recommend myself for the female leading role?" Actually, Eleanor had already known that the female leading role had been set. She was just pretending not to know about it as she hoped for him to give her a chance.

"It's the director's affair and not my concern." Rain had no interest in intervening in casting. He knew that the director was more capable of it and he didn't want to abuse his power to satisfy someone.

"But I think you have a say in it." Eleanor looked at him with a hopeful expression while waiting for his reply.

"Yes, I do have a say but why should I do that? If you want to take part in the TV drama, then why don't you go to the director? Am I clear now?" Rain snapped with a frown. He had completely lost his appetite.

"I'm really sorry, Mr. Xia. I was being impolite." Eleanor felt very embarrassed at Rain's reaction and her face flushed with shame. She lowered her head and ate her food quietly.

Tiana had thought that there was something between Rain and Eleanor. However, she realized that he didn't have a thing for her at all now and it was just Eleanor who kept pestering him.

"Enjoy your food. I'll take my leave first." Rain stood suddenly and was about to leave. He really didn't want to stay in the restaurant anymore.

"What? But you barely ate something," Tiana said with a frown. She finally managed to have the chance to dine with her brother but this was all ruined. She felt frustrated.

"I'm not hungry. By the way, I'll pay the bill." Af

expect you're already married. Are they your kids? They look adorable." Eleanor eyed Fred from head to toe. She had to admit that he was a handsome man. Nevertheless, he was still no match for Rain. She snorted in her mind and looked back at Annie.

"It's not working hours, so please excuse us." Annie didn't want to argue with this woman before her children, so she just gently avoided her and was about to leave.

"Come on. Don't be so aloof. Are you not going to introduce your husband and children to us?" Eleanor taunted. She had been fully focused on the leading role of the new TV series recently, and hadn't paid attention to the latest news. As a result, she didn't recognize Fred and thought the man was just a nobody.

"Miss Xiao, please get out of the way," Annie said with a frown. If it weren't for Eleanor getting in her way, she would have just left without even talking to her.

"Oh my God! Eleanor, you see, the boy looks like my brother so much!" Tiana cried in disbelief. After taking a close look at the little boy, she realized that he was a mini-sized Rain. Her eyes widened as she wondered who this woman was and why she was with another man.

Annie was shocked by Tiana's words. 'Brother? Oh my God! Did I just misunderstand Rain again? I thought she was his woman. Oh, what a fool I was!' she thought.

Eleanor turned to look at Huey on hearing Tiana's surprise. Just as Tiana said, the boy closely resembled Rain. She had a bad feeling that this woman must have something to do with Rain. Suddenly, her eyes were burning with rage as she stared at Annie.

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