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   Chapter 1695 A Fuss (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7758

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"There's no need to say hello to them. Why don't we order our food?" Rain said in a low voice as he tried his best to not look at Annie and the twins. He was dying to go there and hug his kids, but he didn't want to make them cry again.

"Rain, don't you think the man looks familiar? He looks like Fred Chen, the Prince of Music. He is really popular these days." Tiana took a close look at the man and thought that he must be the artist.

"Hey! Focus on the menu. Are you here for food or man?" Rain cast a disdainful glance at Tiana. 'Oh really? My sister is a fan of my rival in love? God, are you kidding me? Why can't Tiana be as considerate as Leena?' he thought to himself. More importantly, he was afraid that Tiana would realize how much Huey looked like him. He didn't want the Ke family members to know about his children's existence.

"Oh sorry. Rain, the steak here is nice. Why don't you give it a try?" Tiana turned her gaze to her brother. She had begged him to go out with her many times and he had finally agreed. She didn't want to irritate Rain.

"Sure, why not?" Rain said and turned to stare out the window. He looked sad and dejected which gave him a unique sense of beauty that passersby couldn't help but notice him.

It was very difficult for him to let Annie and the twins go. However, as long as this was what she wanted, he would respect her decision. Regardless of how much it felt like a knife was cutting his chest, he was willing to let them go as long as she was happy.

Annie and Fred were talking and joking with the kids together, and they looked like a happy family. No wonder that she had been hiding from him all these years. It seemed that Rain was the only one who had been suffering. Even the twins loved Fred and chose him instead of Rain. Rain forced a bitter smile and mocked himself, 'I'm such a loser! I thought she loved me and wanted no one but me. It turned out that I was an idiot to believe so.'

"Rain, why haven't you dated any girl all these years? Are you too picky to date one?" Tiana asked with curiosity. Since he had taken over KD Group, Tiana had never seen her brother date a girl. Rain was a rich and handsome man. It was a piece of cake for him to find a girlfriend.

"I'm not interested," Rain answered shortly. He hadn't moved on from A

hat Rain would change his mind at any minute.

Annie's face turned pale when she saw this.

'So, Eleanor is one of Rain's women. No wonder she was so arrogant. But if the two are both his women, how can they be so at peace with each other?' Annie thought to herself.

"Annie, how's your work?" Fred asked as he tried to draw back Annie's attention. The lady was blankly staring at Rain's table and the scene there got Fred confused. 'Rain did see Annie but why didn't he come to her? I thought Annie and the twins were moving to his house but then they didn't. What happened between them?'

"Oh, not bad," Annie answered. If Eleanor had been more cooperative, the work would have been much easier.

"Is there a possibility that you can finish your work and return ahead of time?" Fred asked again. The sooner Annie left the country, the more possible she would be with him.

"I don't think so. Why?" As Eleanor was not cooperating, Annie's schedule might be postponed. Actually, she also wanted to leave the country as soon as possible since she was feeling more depressed with the thought that Rain was just in the same city.

"Nothing. It's just an idle question." Fred stole a glance at Rain. He had searched for his information online but only knew that he was the VP of FX International Group and the CEO of KD Group.

A few minutes after and they lapsed into silence again. The atmosphere was becoming weirder and weirder every passing second.

On the other hand, Eleanor and Tiana were chatting happily with each other.

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