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   Chapter 1693 All Hope Is Gone (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7242

Updated: 2019-05-08 00:35

"What do you think? When you wake up and find that the one you love is not there, how do you think you will feel? So, Annie, don't make him wait too long for you. In these last few years, he has been through so much, not to mention the KD business. All of his friends have married and have children of their own, while he is still single and so lonely. Maybe you feel like you are having a hard time, but there are two beautiful children with you and what about him? He has no close family members around him except for his friends." After getting to know men like Rain, you would find that they were not as perfect as they might look. They all had their weaknesses which they preferred not to show on the surface for all to see.

"Belinda, do you really think that I am the one he is waiting for?" It was reasonable for Annie to question if Rain was truly waiting for her, especially after the way he had treated her.

"Are you kidding me? Annie, please don't ever let Rain hear those words from you. Otherwise, he would be deeply hurt," Belinda said, looking at her in disbelief. She thought that the misunderstandings between them were cleared up. But now, it seemed there were still some misunderstandings between them.

"I don't know. I just don't feel like he really needs me," Annie said flatly. In her mind, the only reason why Rain would propose to her was only for the sake of the children. Not because he was in love with her.

"Annie, what does your heart say? Don't just look at things on the surface, but feel them with your heart. I heard that you were in love with him for many years. You had even been courting him for years, so you are supposed to know him better than any of us. In regards to the question, if he needs you or not, we can't give you the right answer. You should look into your own heart for the answer," Belinda said sincerely. After hearing how Annie felt, she began to worry about Rain's future.

Annie thought for a moment in silence, thinking about everything that Belinda had just told her. Her children had taken up so much of her time and filled her with so much love, that she didn't feel that she needed Rain so mu

ee if you have the goods to act like that. Did you really think that YS chose you because of your popularity? Of course not! It's just that you happened to have a lot in common with the range of accessories that we're about to launch,' Belinda thought, irritated.

"Who are you trying to bluff? I just don't believe that you can do that." Eleanor started to feel uneasy after finding out all of the information that Belinda had just told her. In their circle, there were a lot of famous people with their own influence. Belinda, might just be one of them.

"If you don't believe me, you can continue with your bad working attitude and find out what I am capable of doing. Or, if you don't want to find out, then I suggest you cooperate and don't let something like this happen ever again!" Belinda said flatly. She didn't return kindness for arrogance.

Eleanor pursed her lips, disgruntled. In the back of her mind, she worried that Belinda really could ruin her career so she dared not provoke her any further. She turned her eyes on Annie, giving her a hateful look. She blamed her for causing all of this commotion and embarrassing her in front of so many people.

Annie was grateful to Belinda, who showed up in time. She saved her a lot of trouble now and with any future dealings with Eleanor. Although Belinda was speaking on behalf of the company to keep Eleanor under control, it was also an indirect way of helping Annie out.

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