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   Chapter 1691 Rivals In Love (Part Three)

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"Your home?" Fred raised an eyebrow to underscore his words. Irked by Rain's arrogance, he taunted, "Mr. Xia, you seem to have consumed too much liquor last night, but you should have recovered from your drunkenness by now. As I recall, this is Annie's home, where she and her children live. I don't remember it being your luxury mansion." He had no idea why Rain and Annie separated in the past, but Fred believed it was Rain's fault that resulted in Annie bringing up the twins by herself. But regardless of the reason, Fred believed that a man should never allow his wife to raise their children alone.

"Well obviously, Mr. Chen has an interest in my affairs. Otherwise, how did you know I was drunk last night? Or could it be possible that you had someone spying on me?" Rain sneered at him. He plastered a mocking smile on his face while thinking to himself, 'Is he trying to take my woman from me?'

"Mr. Xia, you're overthinking things. When would I ever have the time to do what you're accusing me of?" Fred attempted to be flippant. Inside, he was gritting his teeth, trying very hard to suppress his anger.

"So be it. I only wonder why you appear in my home at such an early hour," Rain challenged. He cast a glance at Annie, who was looking pale while watching their confrontation. He tried remembering what Annie said about Fred. 'She told me last night that there was nothing between her and this man. I can't wait to hear her explanation about this situation,' Rain thought.

"I'm a good friend of Annie, and it's quite normal for me to visit her. Mr. Xia, I also want to ask you what do you come here for?" Fred shot back. Although Rain's face remained impassive, Fred could sense a dangerous aura emanating from the man, which was difficult to ignore.

With one brow arched, Rain replied, "That's easy. I'm here to pick them up and bring them to our real house." In his head were happy thoughts. 'You won't have any opportunity to approach my woman and our kids once they live with me,' Rain said in his mind.

"Really, Daddy? Is that true? We'll really be living together from now on?" Joyce asked eagerly. As Rain nodded, she let out a joyful shriek. "Hooray!" Joyce's high-pitched t

her brother's lead. "Joyce wants to stay with mommy!" she shouted. She echoed her brother's words and squirmed to get out of Rain's embrace.

"This is what you want, Annie, right?" Rain gave a bitter laugh. "It seems that in your eyes, I really am a bad father," he said sadly. He was so naive to believe that one night would be enough for Annie to figure things out regarding their lives, but that was not to be so.

Annie knew she had to be tough and remain strong in front of her children. "Both of you, be good, all right? Go live with Daddy for a few weeks. Mommy has a lot of things to take care of, and I won't have time to take care of you," Annie lied. She scrambled her thoughts to convince them to go with Rain. Annie had no idea the kids would be so unwilling to leave her, and she felt sorry when she looked at Rain.

"No! We don't want to be away from mommy!" Joyce burst out crying. The first thing that came to her mind was that her mother didn't love her anymore, and that was why she was giving them to their daddy, to stay.

It was partly guilt, partly annoyance that had Annie raising her tone with Joyce. "Be quiet, Joyce. I don't want to be angry with you," she told the sobbing little girl.

But the girl continued bawling. "Mommy doesn't love Joyce anymore!" she cried out miserably. "Please give me another chance. I promise to be obedient from now on," she sobbed. Annie raising her voice didn't pacify Joyce, so she tried another tactic.

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