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   Chapter 1689 Rivals In Love (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7690

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Blowing out a breath, Rain blurted, "Okay, you're right! I'm no longer the same person I was before. I'm almost a stranger to myself. I no longer have any interest in other women except for the one who stole my heart, and she doesn't even care about me!" Rain shouted out his resentment. It broke his heart to hear Annie doubting his love for her. She had no idea how he continued to pine for her, and only her.

She stared at Rain with astonished eyes, and her heart started to pound violently. Amid jumbled emotions, she thought, 'Is he serious about what he's saying? Is the woman he's referring to really me?'

"It's unbelievable, right?" Rain scoffed. "But as I said, you managed to steal my heart, and I'm laying bare my feelings for you," he said bitterly. Any proud man would be upset to give in to the woman in a relationship. But Rain had no other choice but to open himself up to her. After all, he was already in too deep with this woman, and it was nearly impossible for him to pull away from her.

"Are you saying that you've fallen in love with me, Rain?" Annie gasped. It was pleasure she felt once she realized his feelings for her. Happily, Annie thought, 'It seems that all my efforts through the years have finally paid off!' His admission was such a surprise that Annie wondered if it was all a dream.

Pouting, Rain grumbled, "I must say you're quite an insensitive woman. Did you really think that every woman who falls in love with me will be allowed to live in my home?" He thought he had already expressed his feelings for her through his actions, but it seemed he had overestimated her perceptiveness.

"I didn't know," Annie said helplessly. She looked stunned, never thinking that his actions meant he was in love with her. When Rain brought her home with him four years ago, Annie thought he was merely doing it as a favor to her parents. It never occurred to her that it was an expression of his love for her.

"Er... I think I need a little time to absorb all this," a confused Annie remarked. The man's sudden confession overwhelmed the woman. But with her answer so vague Rain at once fell silent, fear gripping his heart. What did she mean, he wondered.

With her thoughts in a mess, Annie casually said, "Be careful on your way home." While Rain had n

at really funny?" Kevin shot back. He tried to keep a straight face because while he was annoyed by Leena's laughter, he was also amused. Kevin was flattered by the intimate way she called him, so he decided not to punish his wife for interrupting his passionate urge.

"I'm so sorry," she said in between giggles. "I just couldn't help laughing," Leena said apologetically. Her lips curled into a smile. Seeing the disappointed look on her husband's face, she wound her arms around his neck, pulled his face down towards her and pressed her lips onto his.

A seductive glint came into Kevin's eyes as he started kissing Leena back. Gradually, it was he who was dominating the kiss that became heated.

The next morning, Annie was shocked to see Fred at her door. She didn't expect him to fly to S City and suddenly appear on her doorstep, but there he was.

"Fred! How did you know where we live?" she asked. Annie stepped aside to let him enter.

"Did I surprise you?" he replied with a smile. It wasn't difficult to learn where Annie lived because all it took was a phone call to Joyce. The girl was quite fond of Fred and would willingly answer anything he asked without reservation.

"Well... It's more shock than surprise, actually," Annie murmured. She checked to see if Fred had heard her. What caught her off-guard was not that Fred found them, but that he found them rather quickly.

"Uncle Fred!" Joyce squealed upon seeing the man. "I've been dying to see you," an excited Joyce ran up and jumped on Fred.

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