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   Chapter 1687 Unopened Hearts (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7770

Updated: 2019-05-07 00:52

Annie looked Leena earnestly and put on a small smile. She offered, "Why don't you let me help you? I did say I wanted to learn some things from you, after all." Despite Annie having seen Patricia and Michelle, there was still this lingering feeling inside her heart that she just couldn't enter their world.

Leena looked at Annie for a moment then responded, "Alright. Come with me." Leena then turned the stove off and took the pan with the dish she had just cooked with her to the dining area. Annie followed, "I've already finished cooking the dishes so… maybe you could help me out in setting the table. Or, if that's too simple for you then, I can free up some time to teach you." "Ah, no! Not at all!" Annie replied with a smile.

"I'm usually free when I finish my work these days so, I'm just really looking for something to keep myself preoccupied. And I appreciate your kind suggestion. After I finish my work these days, let's have some time so I can learn a lot from you. Thank you so much." Annie then started to make her way to the dining room but, something caught her attention. It was the view of all men in the area, playing and laughing along with the kids. One child, Joyce, who was a girl, was also well protected. It was such a heart-warming view to see.

And it made Annie's heart ache.

'I wonder how long happiness such as these would last…' Annie thought to herself as she gazed at the view longingly. Annie bit her lip. 'When Rain told me he was going to talk to me later, his expression seemed so serious…"

Breaking Annie away from her trail of thoughts was none other than Leena's sweet voice. "Isn't it beautiful, Annie?" Annie turned to see Leena who was looking at the same view. Leena had a soft and delicate expression on her face. Annie knew that Leena felt blessed for what she had.

Annie then looked back at the view in front of them. "Hey... Thanks Leena… For inviting me." If Leena hadn't invited Annie over, her secret would still be in the shadows, and Rain would never have a chance to even know that he had children.

Living with a heavy secret was never easy.

Leena smiled at Annie. "You're welcome. And hey, don't act so distant with me. Also, correct me if I'm wrong but, you're not married, right?" There's a saying that goes that women would always be mor

her question. The last thing Annie would like to see was having Rain marry her just because of the children but not because of love. She would rather give up a marriage devoid of love.

Rain then looked at Annie in the eyes. "So, in your opinion, I'm a shallow human being?" Rain huffed, averting his gaze away from her as he wore a bitter smile. "I see how it is."

"It was my problem," Annie responded, her voice full of conviction. The last thing Annie wanted to hear was Rain blaming himself. "I just wasn't confident about myself." Rather, Annie was uncertain about him and their relationship.

"You wanna know something?" Rain looked at her with a sarcastic smile, though his eyes were full of deep sorrow. "You're an expert at knowing how to piss me off." "I--"

Annie's eyes widened at Rain's statement. She couldn't say anything thus, she just lowered her head and avoided his piercing gaze.

It hurt Rain to see Annie like this. He had to resist the urge to hold her in his arms and tell her he was sorry. But, Rain knew he wasn't the same Rain Annie had been with before. He was no longer a man who would easily be swayed with his emotions.

Rain would not move until he had confirmed that one thing he wanted from Annie.

That was if, she had continued loving him. Annie then took the courage to raise her head and meet Rain's gaze head on but only to find herself looking back down, unable to do so. Annie held her hands together tightly.

"So, tell me." Rain said, his voice barren of emotion. "What's your plan, hmm?"

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